Writing Fantasy

Author: Karen Azinger

To trope or not to trope, that is the question. What is a trope, you might ask? Tropes are the classical elements that define a story as fantasy.

Most publishers today are looking for something “different”, a new magical system or a bizarre monster-villain. You know the kind of books I’m talking about. I like those kinds of books, I do, but like many die-hard fantasy readers, what I truly love are well-written stories steeped in the classical fantasy tropes.

I yearn to dawn burnished armor, greaves and gorget and gauntlet, and to take up a sword and fight for love and justice, for kingdoms and crowns. To ride a foam-flecked mare through a moonlit forest in a desperate bid for escape. To weave sticky strands of politics with the Spider Queen in the hopes of snaring a traitor.

To discover a sanctuary of knowledge where all the hallways are jewel-bright with calligraphy, every wall echoing with prophesies. To ride through a vivid land of towering castles and mysterious mists, where all the sunsets are crimson-red, the star-strewn nights are cobalt-blue, and the summer fields are malachite-green.

And beneath it all, I want a tale well told, a tapestry brimming with complex characters, each with their own motives and aspirations. I want a story bursting with plot twists that evoke surprise and wonder. And woven beneath it all, I want themes that pluck the heartstrings and challenge the mind. This is the epic fantasy that I love to read; this is the epic fantasy that I strive to write.

The Steel Queen is the first book in The Silk & Steel Saga. In a medieval world of forgotten magic, mortals are lured to the chessboard of the gods where an epic struggle of lives, loves and crowns hang in the balance, yet few understand the rules. You’ll empathize with the good and pray they prevail but you’ll truly feast on the bad who are utterly compelling.

Learn more about The Steel Queen at my author website www.karenlazinger.com

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