A Tribute to Mother Teresa: The Light of Life

Author: Sherry Helms

Let us more and more insist on raising funds of love, of kindness, of understanding, of peace. Money will come if we seek first the Kingdom of God – the rest will be given ” – Mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa, a spiritual and divine personality, is the bliss of Jesus amidst this mundane, money- centric world. There is no hope, no light, no love and no friendship with God in the darkness of humankind. Mother Teresa is considered to be sent by some heavenly power to preach the message of peace and harmony in this war-torn creation of God. The “poorest among the poor” community of the mankind looks upon her as “God’s messenger”, whom God has assigned the task of serving the mankind selflessly and glorify His Holiness.

Here are top five books for the interested individuals who want to be inspired by Mother Teresa’s teachings and messages. The books can surely transform the course of our lives.

Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light: We know Mother Teresa for her noble service to the poorest of the poor. But before this book was published, we have never delved deep into the loneliness of her inner soul. This book is a collection of her letters to her confidantes where she shared her interior life for the first time. If someone is really looking towards understanding her philosophy, then this chronicle of her spiritual journey is a must- read.

No Greater Love: Inspire yourself to be a greater human. This book is what we call a complete encyclopedia of Mother Teresa’ life and teachings. An up- to-date biography along with her thoughts and teachings on love, forgiveness, service, Christianity and many more. Come closer to the heart of this ideal lady with this graceful and simple testament of her life.

Mother Teresa: In My Own Words: “To me, Jesus is the Life I want to live, the Light I want to reflect, the Way to the Father, the Love I want to express, the Joy I want to share, the Peace I want to sow around me”, as the saying goes by Mother Teresa. Hundreds and thousands of similar quotes and stories of Mother Teresa are compiled in this beautiful book. Mother Teresa shares her views on love, faith, hope and Jesus in her own words with all of her followers.

Mother Teresa’s Secret Fire: What has been the source of Mother Teresa’s immense energy and perseverance throughout her life? How an encounter with Jesus transformed her flow of life? This book gives us the insight of how our love for God can quench His “thirst of love”, “thirst for souls”. Mother Teresa’s personal story of this holy encounter with God can change our understanding of God, life and humanity.

Something Beautiful for God: This is the ultimate book written on this immortal humanitarian, the light of hope, love and life. Published in 1971, this book by Malcolm Muggeridge reflected the light of her life on the Western World and Mother Teresa’s presence was introduced universally.

Let never extinguish the light of Mother Teresa’s soul. Love God and surrender your lives for others. Blessings of God will be showered on us by the law of nature.

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