Trees Made Out of Books: For Book-themed Christmas

Author: Sherry Helms

During our online expedition to find something to relate “Book and Christmas”, we came across some sites carrying wonderful projects on book-themed Christmas Trees. A book tree in the corner of a house during Christmas, we think, is the mighty fine idea for book-lovers. So, we’ve compiled here the images of those wonderful Christmas trees made out of books along with the links that will direct you to the complete detail or project. Take a quick glance:

This book we’ve found on mediatinker, which looks stunning not only in daylight but also reflect awe-inspiring view amid no light.

This beautiful Christmas Tree is available at the library blog of the James Crook University, Australia, holding a competition to guess the number of books used.

This stunningly simple book Christmas Tree is a kind of Do-it-Yourself project. You can learn making it on instructables.

We have discovered this simple yet unique Christmas book tree image on boingboing that describe the tree as “a great, bookish alternative to a Christmas tree/Hannukwanzah bush for this year”.

This strikingly tall gorgeous book tree is the 2010 edition of the National Union Catalog Christmas tree. To check out the detail, click here.

Found at the site of Black Gate, this cute book tree would be a perfect show piece to decorate your bookshelf  during Christmas. Anyone can make it just by seeing the image.

This robust and eye-catching Christmas book tree is the creation of that is as easy-to-make as attractive it is.   

A creation presented by a volunteer on FamilySponge, this Christmas tree of literacy required more than 80 books to make. 

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