Top five Science Fiction & Fantasy books of 2010.

Below, is a list of top five science fiction and fantasy books of 2010. These books have been randomly selected by our editorial team. We invite all our readers to share and recommend the name of any book that they think will fit into this category.

1.The Fixed Stars: Thirty Seven Emblems for the Perilous Season by Brian Conn-1573661538: It’s a truly stunning debut that takes the readers to a hallucinogenic road trip through a ‘post capitalism’ future, a world where new industries have grown like breeding spiders for their specific threads. The book is tragic as well as funny and not a word is out of place.

2.The Half made World by Felix Gilman-0765325527: Vivid and accurate prose, a gripping, imaginative story, a terrifically inventive setting, a hard bitten, indestructible hero and an intelligent heroine- This science fiction novel has got everything which other novels from a long time have been lacking. The Half made world is a dark, dense and a powerful novel that confirms Felix Gilman as a master of the new weird fantasy.

3.Kill the Dead: A Sandman Slim novel by Richard Kadrey-1441806644: It is a recommended read for fans of the fantasy genre. At times it is dark and gritty, comedic and sometimes touching and of course ultraviolent. Richard Kadrey’s use of profane and intensely metaphoric language somehow makes self tortured monster Stark sympathetic and turns a simple story into a powerful noir thriller.

4. Who Fears Death by Nnedi Okorafor-075640617X: Nnedi Okarafor is a writer of Nigerian descent known for weaving African culture into creative evocative settings and memorable characters. Okarafor sets this emotionally fraught tale in post apocalyptic Saharan Africa. It is the coming of age tale of an alienated, spirited young woman. Okorafor writing magically reveals the story, effortlessly endearing characters to the reader and engineering a story that simply must be read.

5.How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe by Charles Yu-1848876815: It is a masterpiece of imagination that demands to be read with an open mind because the lines between past, present and future often blur or completely disappear. The story is lyrical, surprising ,elegant funny, sad and ultimately wise.

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