The Creation of a New World

Guest Author:A.C. Arthur

IMG_9051The one thing I have always loved about reading books is the journey into another person’s life, the view of their trials and tribulations and most often times their happy ever after. Books have always provided that break from the norm, for me, they’ve always given me a place to go without having to leave the comfort of my own home. As I began writing my first romance novels it was with the thought of bringing two people together in a contemporary setting with everyday obstacles to conquer. I absolutely love reading and writing romance novels. And yet, I felt like there was so much more to a story that could be told, so much further I could go in the realm of romance.

It began with a picture of a beautiful jaguar. I stared at it for days thinking of how much power and strength the animal exuded and how sleek and alluring its presence was. It reminded me of a man, of the perfect Alpha hero. Shape shifters weren’t new to me or to readers for that matter so I spent some time trying to figure out what would make this particular species stand out among the rest. There is a certain amount of research to be done for any book, but for this one I wanted to dig a little deeper. I wanted to create not only a new species, but an entire world from which they originated. 

The Gungi is the name I selected for the region of the Amazon Rainforest where the Shadow Shifters were born and stayed until the outside world beckoned them. Studying the Portuguese and Brazlian traditions was fascinating and romantic and added an additional layer of intrigue to the main characters of this series. They not only carry their heritage with them in every step they take, but they adhere to the laws of their kind wPassion's Preyhile blending in with the human race.

Xavier Santos Markland is the hero in PASSION’S PREY, Book#3 in The Shadow Shifters series. He is a man of deep secrets and emotional scars. He is also a Shadow Shifter embarking on a civil war between the humans and the shifters and trying to maintain a steady balance. A victim of child sexual abuse, Xavier must get through his past pain before he can realize his future happiness. His mate, to his dismay, is his best friend’s sister, Caprise Delgado. Caprise is also a Shadow Shifter dealing with her own scars and regretful memories. The tumultuous attraction between the two is fueled by their past pain while fighting together for the safety of their species will ultimately unite them forever.

Each story in the Shadow Shifters series will take readers on an emotional journey and an action-filled ride through a new and unchartered world. This is the world I wanted to create, the one filled with uncertainties and hope, of pain and rejuvenation, of love beyond all else.

About Author:

A.C. Arthur was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland where she currently resides with her husband and three children. An active imagination and a love for reading encouraged her to begin writing in high school and she hasn’t stopped since. Her debut novel Object of His Desire was written when a picture of an Italian villa sparked the idea of an African-American/Italian hero.

Later in her publishing career, AC introduced The Donovans, a contemporary family saga that is still being told in current books. Most recently, she has taken the plunge into the paranormal genre with her sexy and dark adult series titled The Shadow Shifters and her young adult paranormal series (written under the name Artist Arthur) titled The Mystyx. For all the latest news on A.C. Arthur books, giveaways, appearances and discussions join A.C.’s Book Lounge on Facebook @

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