Stieg Larsson: “Millennium Series” of the Millennium

Author: Sherry Helms

Murder mystery, family saga, love story- a combination of all. Got any idea what is waiting for you? The series of this millennium that will turn you inside out. Stieg Larsson, the enigmatic and splendid character, invites you to join his club of greatest crime- fiction characters.

Larsson perhaps never ever imagined in his lifetime that someday his passion and hobby of crime fiction writing will impinge upon so many readers all around the world. The “Millennium series”, published posthumously, is shocking and entertaining the readers’ forum with its three volumes- The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl who played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: A real page- turner. You just can’t resist yourself. And never dare mess with the girl with the dragon tattoo, the central character in the entire series, Lisbeth Salander. Mikael Blomkvist, the financial journalist is looking for a resurrection in his crumbled career. He has to assist the terrifying ruthless Lisbeth in the mysterious investigation of Harriet Vanger, missing for the last four decades. And they come up with some inexplicable findings on corruption at the highest level of industrialism. This suspense thriller offers you much more than expected. An extremely interesting plot with the true story of survival in this bitter world. Just read it and stay spellbound at least for some time.

The Girl who played with Fire: Are you fighting for any social cause? Beware that you yourself can become the hottest victim of social injustice. Larsson frames this story on the exposure of social injustices and two linked murders that can change Mikael and Lisbeth’s entire life and draws them to their dark past. This book gives you the courage how to stand all alone against all odds and all nuances of life. Take the charge of your life; take the lesson from Lisbeth Salander. Discover the excitement of playing with ‘Fire’.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest: The stunning saga continues. Never give up, just get up and fight back. Lisbeth is put down by serious injuries. Whenever she recovers, she has to prove her innocence in all the three murder allegations against her. She has to fight against the highest authorities of the society, who are always ready to avenge upon the weak and vulnerable section of the society. Explore the real power of these vulnerable sections with Lisbeth, the symbol of powerful women. The conclusion to this trilogy could not be more perfect than this one.

What are you wishing for? So that this trilogy would not end so soon? This is not the end actually. This is just the beginning. The beginning of translocation of absolute power from the strong to the weak, from the evil doers to the sufferers, from the sheltered to the unsheltered. Let us now wait for the change and accept it.

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