Step by Step Sonographic Atlas of Thyroid & Appendix — Behind the Story Behind the Book

Guest Author: Dr. Joe Antony, MD

In this short article, I will describe, in brief about what led me to writing this short textbook on sonography of thyroid and Apppendix. It all began with some e-mails I exchanged with Marveen Craig, a senior sonographer and writer based in the USA. Having already entered online publishing via my websites on sonography she suggested that it might be a wise idea to write and publish in the print media also. Having already published a major website and a number of blogs related to ultrasound imaging which fare well on the Internet I was attracted to this new opportunity.

    I realized the perils and pitfalls of publishing in the print media and that the success I had in online publishing may not hold true for print publishing. All the same I decided I must try this out. That was the origin of my entry into the world of book writing. The next thing was to select the topic of the book. I had already had considerable experience in thyroid ultrasound which prompted me to write on this topic. There are very few books that deal with the intricacies of thyroid ultrasound. In addition imaging of the appendix was also another grey area with little material or books available on this topic. That is how I decided to write on a topic or rather two topics covered in one book. As was the case with my ultrasound related website I decided to keep the book short simple and packed with images. As the saying goes, one picture is worth a 1000 words, I decided that this book would be all about educating about thyroid and Apppendix ultrasound almost entirely based on the use of high resolution sonographic images. Within a matter of months I prepared the entire groundwork for this book acquiring and assimilating the best images possible on thyroid and Apppendix sonography. I spent almost a year in reading and preparing the draft of this book. At the end of it the book was submitted to the publishers and I waited for their opinion. A short period of waiting and I got the green signal to publish the book.

   And that is about all about how and why I wrote and published this book:  Sonographic Atlas of thyroid and Apppendix. The rest is history and have never looked back.

Author’s Bio:

DR. JOE ANTONY is a well-established radiologist at Silverline Endocrinology Hospital at Cochin, India. A specialist with 22 years experience in ultrasound, Xrays and CT scan/ MRI scan, he has written the textbook “Sonographic atlas of thyroid and appendix“, and has also created his own website, where one can browse through the high resolution sonographic images from some of the topmost radiologists, sonographers and sonologists in the business.

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