Book Review:The Spare Room by Helen Garner:

Born in Gee long, Australia in 1942; Helen Garner is an internationally acclaimed and award winning author. Her novel The Spare Room is a powerful, witty and her first work of fiction in fifteen years. The Spare Room is s story about a complex friendship between two women, one of whom is dying and the other caring for her dying friend.

A gripping but a fast novel of only 175 pages that talk about friendship and the joys and hardships that develops when one of the close friends is dying of cancer.  It is a story of two old friends of fifteen years Helen and Nicola both in their 60’s living in different cities of Australia. The novel opens up with an apprehensive narrator Helen, who is preparing her spare room for her terminally ill friend Nicola who is coming over to stay with Helen for her cancer treatment. Nicolas has placed all her hope and trust in an alternative health centre and is determined to find her own way to deal with her illness regardless of the advice of others including her friend Helen. Nicola’s battle for survival will not only turn her life upside down but will also affect lives of all those living around her.

The Spare Room is an extraordinary, exhilarating and moving novel that deals with the themes of friendship, aging, death, alternative health and many more. It’s a magical gem of a book highly recommended by readers all over the world for those who enjoy reading fiction packed with strength and emotions and that explores life and death and the bonds of friendship.

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