Sharing of a secret about the President and me: “Once Upon a Secret” by Mimi Alford

Author:Sherry Helms

once upon a secret 0307877795Having an affair with a political figure earns publicity equivalent to the terrible situations lies behind this fact. And, if the affair is with the President of the country then it will act more as a boon for the one. Mimi Alford, the author of “Once Upon a Secret” describes in the book that how her secret affair with President John F. Kennedy had grossed media hype for her.

Before setting off this anecdotes, she had been kept this secret deeply rooted somewhere in her heart for around 50 years. In the first half of the book she explains how President JFK got involved in extra marital affair with her. She was just 19 when she got a summer job as a White House intern.

Besides creating well-knit sentences, Mimi Alford is successful in eliciting the thinking of a 19-year-old girl. Readers might become restless when they learn that on the mere fourth day at her work she ended up in bed with the President.

Author says, she was asked to swim at lunchtime in the pool of the White House pool, which she couldn’t refused. Even, when the President arrived unexpected, asking, “Mind if I join you?” she couldn’t resist. Describing her teenage innocence, she asserts that she never realized, not even thought once that she was being cheated. She did not even think that she has been entrapped in an extramarital affair. She was so bewitched.

This well-composed memoir includes a few contemptible episodes, such as the president humiliated Ms. Mimi by asking her to tune-up sexually with other men.

As the narration progresses to the next level, she recalls about her married life with husband Tony Fahnestock. She describes about a happy married life. Besides a bunch of succulent notes of the affair with President JFK, another most catchy stuff Mimi shared in this book is her claim to have enjoyed the status of being identified as the President’s girlfriend in 2003.  She claims that she had taken pleasure in being packed in her New York apartment while reporters staking around the building.

She puts an end to the book with a motivational account, revealing that she and her husband once visited the Kennedy’s gravesite at Arlington National Cemetery. And, the most interesting, she whispered the words “Thank you” at the grave as the writer believes the President JFK gave her a terrible yet exciting secret that turned out to be a blessing for her, reaping public affection and vast media exposure.

While recommending this book, I urge the readers to go through it from cover to cover. All in all, I must say “Once Upon a Secret” is a book worth to read for all who always seeks about some saucy stuff.

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