Get Ready For An Invasion Of Angels

Author: Mel Taylor

We all know vampires have ruled literature over the last decade, but what is the next big craze to hit bookshelves around the globe? Angels.

The idea for my debut angel novel,‘Above The Clouds’, came when I was just sixteen-years-old, but little did I know that six years down the line, this would be the very topic all teens/YA readers would be talking about. There has been a boom in angel stories over the past couple of years and there are now several incredible novels on the shelves.As a complete angel fanatic, I read most of them as soon as they were released, but it has also been said that literature is already moving on from angels and onto the ‘next big thing’.

Despite the notion that publishers are always looking ahead to future crazes, I think there is yet to be an invasion of angels on the literary scene, and my debut novel may be just the one to do so!

Every angel book I have read has it’s own spin on the ethereal beings and each one holds a totally unique concept, but… almost all of them are set on Earth, and almost all of them surround a female protagonist falling desperately in love with a male angel. This is where ‘Above The Clouds’ differs.

Firstly, the story doesn’t just revolve around one angel figure – there are hundreds! From cheeky cherubs to warrior angels, and all-powerful Dominions to a rebellious Guardian named Stacey, the story is set in the angelic and human realms, which already makes it a distinctly unique novel.

The plot swings between the two worlds, introducing Golden Gates and a Great Hall that sits high in the clouds for angels to retrieve human assignments. It is a world of innocence and purity, but Stacey hates everything about it – the music gives her a headache, she frequently resists the urge to punch an angel or two in the face and she would much rather spend all day watching humans than conversing with the angels.

When news of a terrible prophecy sends the angels into a frenzied panic, Stacey antagonizes the situation and flees to the one place she is forbidden to go – Earth. Finally feeling free amongst humankind, Stacey abandons her angelic duties and starts to enjoy the wonders of this new and exciting world.

As she forgets about the angels and the turmoil she left behind, her actions lead to a variety of disastrous and life-shattering consequences that turn her world upside down and almost destroy the human and angelic realms forever.

Readers of ‘Above The Clouds’ can escape into the magic and beauty of the heavens, whilst also relating to Stacey’s desperate fight for acceptance amongst the human race. It’s a story of love, loss, betrayal, deception and discovering where you truly belong.

‘Above The Clouds’ is currently being sent to the UK’s leading publishers and I have high hopes of becoming a number one bestselling author!

Has the angel craze died before it has already begun? Certainly not!

Is there room for one more angel story amongst the already highly competitive and lucrative teen market? Most definitely… YES!!

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