Popular Books on Christianity

Below, is a list of 5 most popular books on Christianity. Whether you are a seeker with doubts, or a Christian who needs to be further equipped to defense the faith these books will provide you with the evidence of the truth of the Bible and a solid defense of the Christian faith. Our editorial team has picked these five books randomly. Our readers are invited to share any other book on Christianity that they believe would fit into our list.

1.Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis: A classic book to read,’ Mere Christianity’ is a revised and expanded version of three radio talks Lewis gave. The book explains the reasons that why God must exist and then moves on to describe the major beliefs of Christianity. His words make us seem the simplest concepts of religion in a completely new light.

2. A New Kind of Christian- A tale of two friends on a spiritual journey by Brian D. Mc Laren: A very challenging book for one’s perception of what it means to follow Christ. It is a very new and fascinating book in which the Brian has stood upon the ramparts, seen the battle around him and is pointing to a new way of being Christian in the 21st century.

3. Velvet Elvis- Repainting the Christ by Rob Bell: An exhilarating book that covers the basics very well. Rob Bell, an American pastor and also a leader in the Emerging Church movement seeks to apply the principles of postmodernism to the contemporary church. He also explains in his book the meaning and background of scriptures. What the words spoken and written meant back then so that we can understand to make them applicable today as well.

4. Dinner with a perfect Stranger- An Invitation worth Considering by David Gregory: In a fiction format, the author tells us the story of a successful yet cynical modern day businessman. Convinced his friends are playing a joke on him, Nick accepts an invitation to dinner from Jesus to Nazareth. As the conversation during dinner progresses, his interest is captured by topics such as life beyond death, pain, God, religions and family.

5. The Bible Answer Book by Hank Hanegraaff: In this book Hanegraaff presents intelligent and simple to understand solutions to the spiritual puzzles that will bewilder both believers and non-believers. This book answers the 80 of the toughest questions about faith, cults, pagan religions, pain, children, sin, fear, salvation and more.

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