5 Most Popular Books on Photography for Beginners and Professionals

Read what the professionals have to say about the tricks to master the art of photography. Here, is the list of five most popular books on Photography both for beginners and professionals.  N4K3ZEA3BFZ7 These books will aid the readers in grasping the concepts  which when put into action will result into outstanding photographs. We have randomly picked these five popular books on photography and invite all our readers to share any other book on the subject that according to them will fit in our list.

1.Mastering the Digital Flash Photography by Chris George: An excellent introduction to the subject of flash photography that will prove extremely useful to all those with little or no experience with flash. The book adds some interesting sidebars and technical notes too which are beneficial for any photographer to understand. All those who want a better understanding of flash photography will find this book extremely beneficial.

2.The Photographer’s Eye by Michael Freeman: This book is not a general digital photography book that covers all aspects of photography. Instead it only focuses on the elements of Composition. In over six chapters, Freeman provides readers with lots of ideas, examples, theory and lessons on a topic like composition. Not only does he provides with photographs in his book but also a variety of diagrams that illustrate what one is seeing in the images by reducing them to lines and shapes.

3.How to Photograph Absolutely Everything by Tom Ang: Nobody can question Tom Ang’s credentials as a photography instructor. His book is full of tips to at least get the newbies started in as many photographic settings as possible. This book is full of examples that teach how to take interesting and good photographs in all sorts of situations. The novice and intermediate photographers will benefit a lot from the little tricks described in the book.

4.Photo Recipes Live-Behind the Scenes by Scott Kelby: Scott Kelby is the world ‘s 1 bestselling author of computer and technology books and what makes his series of books a worldwide sensation is his explanation of everything in a simple, plain English language using a casual, conversational style. This book will teach you how the pros use natural light, studio light and even direct daylight to get those amazing shots.

5. Academic Dictionary of Photography by Ashish Pandey: An authentic and comprehensive dictionary of photography which recognizes photography as a distinct field in its own right that has its own language. The book provides clear, concise and correct definitions and descriptions of the terms used in photography. The book is hoped to become an authoritative source to which professional photographers, students and laymen can turn with confidence for meaning and knowledge of the common, specialized and latest terms in photography.


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