Love- A Quest of Life: The Best Books from Nicholas Sparks

Author: Sherry Helms

Do you remember the feelings of your first love? Have you ever shed tears for the sake of your love? What is called the real depth of love? Have you got the answer? If not, then Nicholas Sparks is the best answer for you. Nicholas Sparks has got the spark of true and eternal love in all his writings, the touching tales of true love that lasts forever.

Love is indeed a journey. Nicholas Sparks’ best works come from The Notebook, A Walk to Remember and Message in a Bottle- all the three books are unforgettable testaments of undying love and heart wrenching journeys of passions and emotions.

The Notebook: Are you a true believer in love that love lasts forever? The Notebook is the story of true love that lasts a lifetime. It does not let you forget the golden moments of your life. Recollection of the precious forgotten times is the best gift you can expect from Nicholas Sparks in this book. The eternal love story of Noah and Allie, their simple and serene portrait of love will definitely move all of you. They make you wish, you ever have had loved that much deeply in your life, that the end of your journey also seems to be just the beautiful beginning. Revisit your golden past and never let your love die.

A Walk to Remember: Hold the hand of Jamie and accompany Landon Carter in their journey into the depths of the human heart. And you will experience a crystal- clear look of the joys and pains of living. This is the best moving story yet from Nicholas Sparks, riding you through the path of life, love and courage. Sigh and cry over the insights you have just given birth to. Sparks assures you that forever you will remember this amazing, heartwarming and breathtaking stroll with his characters. Cherish your tears, cherish the moment of the ‘walk’.

Message in a Bottle: Self-discovery is the keyword of the quest of life, always destined to an uncertain destination. A letter in a bottle from an unknown sender transforms the life of Theresa and a voyage begins with lots of hope for self- discovery and renewal of passions. Sparks reawakens you to feel the enormity of deepest love within yourself. The message of love, faith and hope does not limit itself to the bottle. It simply renders your heart all over and makes you feel like fall in love once again.

Hope you all have a wonderful time with Nicholas Sparks. Make this journey memorable forever.

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