Importance of ISBN# while purchasing books online.

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It is a unique number that helps identifying the book. This is a 13 digit number unique to each book which is printed above or below the barcode. This unique code is being used since 1970s and is recognized today as a standard way to number the book so that it doesn’t gets duplicated. Through ISBN code we can find out the year in which the book was published and whether the book is a reprint or revised version. ISBN code also helps in identifying what version the book is -Hardcover or Paperback. Part of this code is identifier of the publisher who produced the book.

This number can be used to search information or check and compare the prices of a particular book. Like if you type the ISBN number into Google, it will show you the list of booksellers from whom book can be purchased.

When shopping online for a book one must always know the ISBN code of that book. At times it happens that there are many books that have the same title. So knowing the code in that case ensures that you are purchasing the correct book.

ISBN code is also required if you want to sell your book to the trade that includes all national and international bookstores. In actual fact, the barcode is generated from the ISBN number.

One of the easiest way to get recognition for your book is to get ISBN for it. Its biggest advantage in self publishing is that it will put your book in the worldwide catalog of published books so that the book is available in libraries across the world. Without an ISBN, it is difficult for a book to find a place for itself in any of the big stores.

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