How I Came to Write, “The Vanishing Game”

Guest Author: Kate Kae Myers

Kate Kae MyersWriting The Vanishing Game was fascinating, fun, and a little bit crazy—which really describes how most of my books come together. It started when my main character, Jocelyn, kept waking me early in the morning to tell me what was happening in her life. Being involved in another writing project at the time, I tried to ignore her, but she had such a strong voice I finally started getting up early and heading to the computer in my pajamas. Soon, I put aside everything else and started telling her story about following clues left by her twin brother Jack, who supposedly died three weeks beThe Vanishing Gamefore.

In this novel, Jocelyn becomes obsessed with finding out the truth of what happened to Jack. This means going back to the eerie foster home where they lived five years ago, and also getting their childhood friend, Noah, to help her solve the clues. Along the way, the reader will ask: Is Jack alive? Or if he’s dead, then who’s leaving the clues? I asked the same thing when I was writing this story, which ends up having lots of twists. The conclusion seems to surprise almost everyone—it certainly did me!

The Vanishing Game, my first young adult novel, was published by Bloomsbury in 2012. It was named a YALSA Best Pick by the American Library Association and will be released in paperback this fall, along with the French translation. It’s also been contracted for translation into German and Chinese.

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About Author:

Kate Kae Myers has spent a lot of time working with young people, since for twenty years she’s been a sign language interpreter for mainstreamed deaf children in the public school system. Becoming a young adult author has been a lifetime dream that she’s had since 5th grade. She just finished final revisions on her second novel for Bloomsbury (title still in transition) which will hit the shelves this coming spring.

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