Horticulture Special: Books for Gardeners and Farmers

Author: Sherry Helms

Horticulture is the science, art, technology and business involved in intensive plant cultivation for human food and non-food uses and for personal or social needs.

Being practiced from the individual level in a garden up to the activities of a multinational corporation, this discipline of agriculture is very diverse in its activities, incorporating plant farming for food (fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, culinary herbs) and non-food crops (flowers, trees and shrubs, turf-grass, hops, grapes, medicinal herbs). It further includes many other cultivation related services like plant conservation, landscape restoration, landscape and garden design/construction/maintenance, horticultural therapy, and much more.

Farming expert George Acquaah in his book Horticulture: Principles and Practices explores horticulture as a science, an art, and a business, meeting the practical information needs of everyone involved in the discipline – from the small urban gardener/hobbyist to the large-scale producers. One who wants to reach at the heart of this stream of plant production, must go through this book from cover to cover.

Directed towards developing and maintaining human health and well-being, all the food, medicinal, environmental, and social products and services falls within the boundary of horticulture jointly make such a broad horizon that it is difficult to cover them all in detail in a single volume. Therefore, our editorial team has shortlisted for your comfort some popular books that deals with the separate aspects of horticulture, detailing each and every specified farming conditions and techniques involved. These book are written by experienced horticulturalists.

Books on the cultivation of Food Crops:

The Backyard Orchardist: A Complete Guide to Growing Fruit Trees in the Home Garden – For every gardener desiring to add apples, pears, cherries, and other tree fruit to their landscape, here are hints and solid information from a professional horticulturist and experienced fruit grower, Stella Otto. This book offers help on selecting the best fruit trees and information about each stage of growth and development, along with tips on harvest and storage of the fruit. Those with limited space will learn about growing dwarf fruit trees in containers.

Grow Fruit by Alan Buckingham – Covering tree fruit, from apples to figs and nuts; soft fruit, from strawberries to goose berries; grape vines; and tender fruit, from citrus to avocados, this practical and inspirational guide shows everyone how to grow their own fruit, no matter how much time or space they have. With a fruit grower’s year planner; a foolproof, easy-to-follow advice, ideas and techniques for more experienced gardeners; and a troubleshooting section for common problems of fruit pests and diseases, this ultimate book is the one-stop reference for growing your own delicious fruits.

The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible – This is the 10th anniversary edition of the Edward C. Smith’s popular “The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible” that has helped a number of gardeners grow an abundance of vegetables and herbs in their limited premise. New to this edition is coverage of 15 additional vegetables, including an expanded section on salad greens and more European and Asian vegetables.

The New Organic Grower: A Master’s Manual of Tools and Techniques for the Home and Market Gardener – This book was first published in 1988, and gained vast popularity as an ultimate guide for vegetable farmers. In this newly revised and expanded edition, master grower Eliot Coleman continues to present the simplest and most sustainable ways of growing top-quality organic vegetables. Here, Coleman updates practical information on marketing the harvest, on small-scale equipment, and on farming and gardening for the long-term health of the soil.

Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms - After years of living in awe of the mysterious fungi known as mushrooms, chefs, health enthusiasts, and home cooks alike can’t get enough of these rich, delicate morsels. With updated production techniques for home and commercial cultivation, detailed growth parameters for 31 mushroom species, a trouble-shooting guide, and plenty of handy gardening tips, this revised and updated handbook will make your mycological landscapes the envy of the neighborhood.

Your Backyard Herb Garden: A Gardener’s Guide to Growing Over 50 Herbs Plus How to Use Them in Cooking, Crafts, Companion Planting and More – Everything you need to know about growing your favorite herbs using safe, natural, all-organic methods! Practical tips and advice on all aspects of successful herb growing. A wealth of great ideas and helpful how-to on using herbs in cooking, crafts, cosmetics, health care, insect repellents, and more. Illustrated herb directory featuring all the most popular herbs– from aloe to yarrow– each with complete information on growing, care, harvesting, and uses.

Books for those who are involved in growing Non-food Crops

The Flower Farmer: An Organic Grower’s Guide to Raising and Selling Cut Flowers, Revised and Expanded – Acre-for-acre, flowers are the most profitable–as well as the most beautiful–crop on the farm. In The Flower Farmer expert flower grower Lynn Byczynski provides a complete introduction to raising a cornucopia of cut flowers for home use and for sale to retail customers, florists, and other markets. The book offers detailed, manageable plans for flower growing on a scale ranging from a backyard border to a half-acre commercial garden, appealing to a broad spectrum of readers. This book also provides a clear, realistic look at both the benefits and the challenges of growing flowers organically for local markets.

The Cutting Garden: Growing and Arranging Garden Flowers – This practical guide shows how to grow decorative flowers and foliage and use them to create floral arrangements plans, plant and maintain a well-stocked cutting garden, and demonstrates how to create arrangements ranging from simple bunches to romantic hanging globes, swags and medallions.

The Homeowner’s Complete Tree & Shrub Handbook: The Essential Guide to Choosing, Planting, and Maintaining Perfect Landscape Plants – Trees and shrubs bring permanence and structure to home landscapes, adding character and beauty to the entire property. They are essential to every beautiful yard, however, many homeowners do not give them the attention that flowers and lawns traditionally receive. Penny O’Sullivan gives trees and shrubs the respect they deserve in this lively, comprehensive book. The heart of the book is the extensive encyclopedia of hundreds of tree and shrub portraits. The final section covers care and maintenance, with thorough advice on buying and planting; siting; pruning; fertilizing; and coping with diseases, pests, and environmental problems.

Jerry Baker’s Green Grass Magic: Tips, Tricks, and Tonics for Growing the Toe-Ticklinest Turf in Town! – Anyone can have a lawn even greener than their neighbors’ with this definitive guide to improving the attractiveness of grass from seed to sod, in all seasons. Jerry Baker’s proven tips, tricks, and tonics cover problems from mowing and mole damage to drought or downpour. Regular cabinet items are advised to use –Epsom salts to cure yellow grass and mouthwash to banish bugs. In this book, homeowners learn what they can do to conserve water, avoid sun damage, and boost the green of their turf using sensible techniques and natural products. Further, this green book includes a calendar with a season-by-season to-do list, taking the guesswork out of lawn maintenance for gardeners.

Books for Garden Design/Construction/Maintenance

The Well-Tended Perennial Garden: Planting and Pruning Techniques – With more than 130,000 copies sold since its original publication, this advanced gardening book by Tracy DiSabato-Aust has proven itself to be one of the most useful tools a gardener can have. Now, this expanded edition offers detail of essential practices of perennial care such as deadheading, pinching, cutting back, thinning, disbudding, and dead leafing, all of which are thoroughly explained and illustrated.

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