Happy Mothers’ Day

Author: Lory Manrique- Hyland

As a mother and a writer, I face a special challenge. Not just mother-writers but mother-workers all over the world face it:  That tug of war between work and childrearing. I’m at home most of the time, but do have a few hours to myself three mornings a week when the boys have activities. That is when I sit at my computer trying to focus and complete in a couple of short hours what usually takes people much longer to do. I don’t have a choice. The school bell will ring and my time becomes my children’s. Sometimes I think: I wish I had more time to myself. But if I did, I bet I wouldn’t accomplish as much.

My first novel, Revolutions (Lilliput, 2004), had grandmothers as central characters. I wrote about these women as they would have been in their youths in Cuba in the 1940s and 50s. The story has a lot of drama in it and, yes, a cameo appearance by Fidel Castro-how could I avoid it? But I also wrote about these women at points in their lives when they were transitioning from being single women to being mothers. One was desperate for a child and the other reluctantly pregnant. Mothers come in all flavors; women have a diversity of opinion on childbearing and child rearing. Though many are happy to be mothers, some find it difficult to cope. In the novel, I explore the heady mixture of social, political Cuba and personal, private Cuba from the point of view of women and mothers.

I sympathize with feelings of being overwhelmed by the daily tasks and obligations of motherhood, and welcome that there is at least one day a year when people take time out to thank the women who’ve sacrificed for them.

Happy Mothers’ Day.


Lory Manrique-Hyland’s first novel, “Revolutions”, was published by The Lilliput Press, 2004. She’s won awards and grants for her writing and has appeared in national press, television and radio. Lory currently teaches fiction and contributes feature articles on pregnancy and parenting for a national Irish newspaper. She blogs at The Mom Blogs, and is regularly featured on mamapedia.com. Lory has a BFA in Dramatic Writing from NYU, and an MA in Creative Writing from the City College of New York. She’s also a Certified Adult Educator, with a Certificate in Training and Development. Most importantly, Lory is a mother.

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