Guest Post-Ann Purser: My Writing Journey

Guest Author : Ann Purser

Morris0128I have been in the writing trade for years, and when I began, I never thought I would still be writing crime novels at the same time as having brought up three offspring – two lovely girls and one handsome boy – and two donkeys, numerous kinds of fowl, countless cats, rabbits and guinea pigs, not forgetting a budgerigar named Boggis.

My writing career began with researching families with a disabled child, based on personal experience, and the Spastics Society published a series of leaflets. With all the research at hand, I wrote a book for parents – You and Your Handicapped Child. An article in SHE Magazine about being the parent of a disabled child. Harriet, my first, had been born prematurely with cerebral palsy. The next two were tied in with string!

That first piece for SHE caught the eye of the editor and I was offered a column, chiefly about show biz personalities. My husband was a television critic, and had all the right contacts! I loved that monthly column, being somewhat star struck myself. Almost every actor, singer, dancer – performer – was charming and interesting. What could be nicer? After six years the glamour had worn off a bit, and I decided to write a novel about village life, followed by crime novels. The rest, twenty or so books later, is scandal at sixhistory.

I have worked in a village school, took a six year Arts degree course with the Open University, alongside working in the village school, position dogs body, studying for a six year Open University arts degree, owning an art gallery in a converted barn for ten years, and have now settled down to writing crime novels with my friends, Lois Meade and Ivy Beasley.

My latest book in the crime novel series, Scandal at Six set in small village in the middle of England. Lois Meade runs a house cleaning business, with a team of five, and Lois`s ferretin – her husband Derek`s name for her sleuthing activities – brings her in close association with Detective Chief Inspector Cowgill. He has been her devoted admirer for some years.Creepy crawlies are not Lois`s favourite thing, but when she uncovers an illegal trafficking in rare species of animals, small and large, she sets out to expose the wicked character involved.

This novel has taken some fascinating research, discovering tiny creatures such as elephant shrews and killer bees (murderous, even!) and for animal lovers everywhere this will be a fascinating read.

About Author:

Born in Market Harborough, Leicestershire, UK, Ann Purser is an author of numerous fiction and non-fiction books. Her father was a bank clerk, her mother a teacher of infants. As a result, she was educated from the word go! State educated, Ann did well academically, including an arts BA degree with the Open University. The author did a number of jobs, mostly secretarial, including Inland Revenue, Sectional Building Company on a farm, advertising agency in London, etc. She lives with her writer husband, three children, five grandchildren, chickens and dog in the middle England. View all her books here.

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