Guest Author: Sean Beaudoin: Reviewing “Wise Young Fool”

Author: Sean Beaudoin

2013HeadshotColorSMALLWise Young Fool is my fifth Young Adult novel, about a seventeen-year-old named Ritchie Sudden who plays in a punk band. At least for half of the book. The other half is a reproduction of the journal he keeps while in a juvenile detention center. The two timelines work in opposite directions, so while we see the year leading up to his arrest, and his attempt to keep his band together, we also see his 90 days of his incarceration. By the last chapter, Ritchie is getting out and going in at the same time.WYFINAL

It’s a book about music. Standing in front of amps. Feeling steel strings mash into virgin fingertips. It’s also about the usual band tropes; love, lust, drugs, friendship, bad lyrics, and walls of distortion—both literally and metaphorically.

The style is direct. There’s no fancy language or clever devices. It’s stripped down and as raw and honest as it can be. Hopefully like some of the music it celebrates.

Hopefully, it sparks a discussion about juvenile detention centers and the concept of incarceration in America as well. A discussion about pop music, French automobiles, cafeteria hamburgers, wealth inequality, the subway system, Metallica, fear, Fear, and poetry wouldn’t hurt either.

Wise Young Fool rocks. You should buy three copies, read one, leave another on the subway, and then throw the last in the ocean. As far as it can possible go.

Author Bio: Sean Beaudoin enjoys typing about himself in the third person, as if some underfed intern were writing his bio for him. He wrote Going Nowhere Faster, Fade To Blue, and You Killed Wesley Payne strictly for cash, but The Infects was a zombie labor of love. Sean’s short stories and articles have appeared in numerous publications, including The Onion, The San Francisco Chronicle, Salon, Narrative, Glimmer Train, and Spirit-the inflight magazine of Southwest Airlines. He has since been awarded free cocktail peanuts for life. Sean is also one of the founding editors of, which is hands-down the most influential site on the internet.

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“Wise Young Fool” will be released on August 6, 2013

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Fade To Blue  You Killed Wesley PayneThe InfectsGoing Nowhere Faster

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