Groundbreaking Books Written By Popular Celebrities

 Author : Sherry Helms

It’s human nature to be curious about something which is unrevealed, concealed or not so known. And when it comes to the lifestyle, behind the scene stories and incidents involving a celebrity, it definitely sparks curiosity in most of us. In the dusk of their career, many celebrities resort to penning down the chronology of important, not so important, private, controversial, unrevealed episodes of their lives. Some of these novels or autobiographies are lost in obscurity while some of these become bestsellers.

Here is a list of a few popular autobiographies of celebrities, you may consider reading:

Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance

By Barrack Obama

One of the most influential and compelling voices in American Politics, Barack Obama wrote an impressible and unsentimental autobiography. This powerfully affecting memoir is a refreshing, revealing portrait of the son of a black African father and a white American mother asking the major questions about identity and belonging. A major political leader retraces the struggle that takes him from the American heartland to the small African village of Alego, departure of his father from Hawaii when he was just two, and his own awakening to the uncertainties and doubts that exist not just between the larger black and white worlds but within himself.


The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Few men could compare to Benjamin Franklin. Virtually self-taught, he excelled as an athlete, a man of letters, a printer, a scientist, a wit, an inventor, an editor, and a writer, and he was probably the most successful diplomat in American history. Written initially to guide his son, Franklin’s autobiography is a lively, spellbinding account of his unique and eventful life. Stylistically his best work, it has become a classic in world literature, one to inspire and delight readers everywhere.


Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?

by Steven Tyler

This is a refreshing, never-before-told memoir of a prolific frontman, Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductee, and all around megastar legend Steve Tyler. In this addictively readable memoir, told in the sharp-edged, poetic voice that is uniquely his own, the son of a classical pianist- Tyler unabashedly recounts the unimaginable highs and unbelievable lows of Aerosmith over the last three decades and riffs on the music that gives it all meaning. This most outrageous rock n’ roll autobiography comprises all the unexpurgated, head-spinning tales of debauchery, sex and drugs and chemical dependence you will ever want to hear.


Miles to Go

by Miley Cyrus

New York Times Children’s bestselling book, Miles to go is the autobiography of a nutty-sex-crazed-teenager- Miley Cyrus in which she discusses her relationship with her parents, classmates, friends, her future aims,  her love life, and milestones she still to reach in her life.  This is a truly inspiring story of a girl who was a virtual unknown three years ago and how she grew up to superstardom. As such, the memoir is little more than a couple hundred pages of how hard she has had to work and how cooperative her family members have been, with the real truth about rumors in her life thrown in to validate the paper the contract was written on. 


A Journey: My Political Life

by Tony Blair

A journey is a remarkably gripping political memoir by one of the most dynamic and controversial leaders of modern times- Tony Blair providing an unprecedented glimpse into his life experiences as Prime minister. Here, for the first time, young, charismatic and complex Prime Minister Tony Blair recounts his role in shaping the nation, from the repercussions of the death of Princess Diana to the war on terror. Grippingly candid and deeply intimate, A Journey is filled with amazing revelations about Blair’s close friendship with world leaders, including George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.


Autobiography of Thomas Jefferson

This is a riveting autobiography of a polymath- Thomas Jefferson. In this fascinating autobiography, he details many of the events that shaped Jefferson’s personal philosophy and would intimately define his political career. This book allows the readers to step into the shoes of the author of the Declaration of Independence and third president of the United States and is a great pick for anyone interested in the life and ideals of one of America s most influential Founding Fathers.


First Step 2 Forever: My Story

by Justin Bieber

In this autobiography book, world’s hottest Pop Star- Justin Bieber tells the story of his amazing journey from small-town schoolboy to global superstar. Gorgeously designed and full up of exclusive unseen pictures of Justin on and off stage, information about his connection with Usher and the My World Tour, plus private captured moments, the amazing story of Justin’s phenomenal rise to superstardom is a must-have for any true fan.


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