George R.R. Martin: A Historical Twist in Epic Fantasy

Author: Sherry Helms

How do you rate your power of imagination? How far your flight of fantasy can take you around? If you are a fellow of modern imagination, then just go along with George R.R. Martin and explore new possibilities in this mundane world.

The biggest creation by Martin is his epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire. Primarily planned as a trilogy, the series has now successfully published five volumes under it. The sequence follows as A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords, A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons.

A Game of Thrones#1: A new classic born in the history of fantasy. An excellent combination of fantasy and modernity, adventure and conflicts, medievalism and contemporary realism. The first volume of the series mesmerizes you with its brilliant power of storytelling, plot- construction, symbolism and magic of characterization. It excels over all your expectations.

A Clash of Kings#2: A most justified sequel to such an enormous beginning to the series. This is what we call adult fantasy that enhances your imagination power and teaches you the art of characterization. This volume is the symbol of realism and fantasy, presented together in a well-knitted texture. Sounds like an exciting oxymoron? That is what A Clash of Kings is all about.

A Storm of Swords#3: Get ready to move beyond the world of your likely imagination. Get engrossed in the epic battle of darkness and light. After reading this novel of the series, you will definitely hand over the throne of epic fantasy to G.R.R. Martin. Captivate the intensity and get emotionally involved with the characters. Astonished! Absorbed! Is this your reaction? Then keep gushing because this is not the end. Stay hooked.

A Feast for Crows#4: Another twist among the twisted tales of the fantasy series. This book is what we can call ‘differently able’. After lots of tensions and realities you faced in the previous books, this is where you can breathe a little and focus on the subtlety it offers. This will only help in tightening the entire plot of the whole series. It gives new dimensions to the characters and it is terrific in its own way.

A Dance with Dragons#5: Experience a new range of surprises and revelations from this fifth volume of the series. It is completely worthy to your long wait after the fourth volume. The climax offers you with the most shocking and fast- moving actions before moving towards the interim end of the series. So the best keeps on rolling from the pen of Martin. Dance with the dragons and keep on dancing.

George R.R. Martin intrigues you to experience an extraordinary journey with him with this compelling work of art. Love some of them or hate some of them, you just cannot ignore them.

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