Five Must Include Historian’s Books To Your Reading List


Author : Sherry Helms

History is all around us that continues to be made, still fascinates those who write it, and allows the modern being to take history on its surface for granted. You may have heard the name of Herodotus, “Father of History” who was the first historian collected his resources and assemble them in a well-built and vivid narrative, and whose perspectives formed the basis of ancient Greek and Persian historical civilization. Around the world and down through the ages, thousands of self-made and qualified historians have presented their exceptional perspectives on what’s happened and why it’s happened.

History is still filled with significant dates and accomplishments of dignified men and women who are more educated or many just have a better vantage point to trace history. Today our editorial team has selected five among the very best historians who bring their own compelling viewpoint on various subjects through their extremely fascinating, yet profoundly written books.


Robert Marshall Utley:Robert M. Utley

An American author and Historian, Robert M. Utley has  written sixteen books that are based on the history of the American West. An ex-chief historian of the National Park Service, Utley is now live with his wife Melody Webb, historian and a published author, in a retirement community in Scottsdale, Arizona. His second book, The Last Days of the Sioux Nation (1963) is a heart-touching book about the confrontation of the Sioux tribe and Army at the Battle of Wounded Knee Creek. For those who want to know more about his life and experiences can read his memoir Custer and Me: A Historian’s Memoir.

Stephen Ambrose: Stephen Ambrose

Stephen Ambrose was a major American historian and biographer of 20th century who wrote a wide variety of books, most of which centered on the soldiers themselves. His belief that the history should be exciting and accurate made him a famous writer. In addition of writing books regarding soldiers of Civil War, he initiated the National D-Day Museum in New Orleans for giving tribute to the people who fought in the war. Best-known for his book on World-War II, Ambrose also written various other popular books such as “The Wild Blue,” Undaunted Courage,”- to name just a few.

Ralph Waldo Emerson:Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ralph Waldo Emerson is an American essayist, Unitarian minister, philosopher, poet and historian whose own feelings on Nature, Politics, Self-Reliance, and Experience made for great essays. His first published work, Nature, is the result of his soul-searching and intellectual study in the fields of philosophy and religion. Leader of the Transcendentalist movement of the mid-19th century, Ralph was seen as a champion of individualism and a prescient critic of abolition and the countervailing pressures of society, and he spread his perspectives through dozens of published essays and over 1500 public lecturers across the US. Emerson emerged as one of the original thinkers of his age whose essays and lectures offer models of style, clarity and thought that had a profound influence in 19th century American life.

Patricia Nelson Limerick: Patricia Nelson Limerick

Born in the year 1951in Banning (California), Patricia Nelson Limerick is an eminent scholar, sophisticated American historian, brilliant teacher, and well-known author. She is a professor of history and chair of the Board of the centre at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Her sharp and insightful thoughts greatly change how we visualize the history of the American West. She has published a large variety of books, articles and reviews. Recipient of numerous awards and honorary appointment, Limerick is best-known for her 1987 book The Legacy of Conquest in which she offers the earthy and uncomfortable reality of a living west.  Along with several book reviews and scholarly articles, she writes many op-ed pieces and columns for “The Denver Post”, “USA Today,” “The New York Times,” etc. Her other books comprises “Something in the Soil,” A Ditch In Time,” The Atomic West,” and many more.

David McCullough: David McCullough

Widely acclaimed as the master of the art of narrative history, McCullough won two Pulitzer Prizes for his books on two U.S. Presidents that were later made into an HBO film and miniseries. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, McCullough is also the recipient of the Presidential Medal for Freedom and a twice winner of National Book Award, which is the nation’s highest award a civilian can achieve. His work “John Adams” published in 2001 was the widely read and highly praised American Biography of all time. The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris is his most recent book, which has been named “an epic of ideas,” …”dazzling” has become the number one New York Times bestseller.

While there are plenty of other historians, who continually are writing about all things present in actual time, these five historians as well as writers have done a great job in commenting on the moment and offering insights in spectacular clarity.



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