Earth Day, 2012: Read Books and Support the Cause

Author: Sherry Helms

Tomorrow, April 22, is the Earth Day – a day proclaimed to ponder upon the Earth’s deteriorating health, its endangered natural environment and to increase awareness and appreciation for it. The very first step towards this endeavor is to know and discuss why and how our Earth’s health is worsening day by day and this can be done by reading books written by some great environmentalists. Books always come out as rich resources for illuminating ourselves on any subject.

In this blog-post, we offer our readers separate lists of books-to-read on Earth Day for children and grown-up ones. All the books in this list we have selected on the base of their popularity.

Children’s Books for Earth Day:

Earth Day is a grand day to talk more about the Earth and its ecology with our children as well as to discuss with them why we need to keep it clean and safe. If we tell them to turn off the lights, save water and recycle their trash, they would think we are just bossing them around. But we can make it by gifting or reading some eco-minded books to our children to help spreading message of this Day across them. Books that we can get for Children are:

The Lorax - This is a classic eco-book for kids, an ecological warning that is as true today as it was when the book was first published in 1971.  Dr. Suess writes about the dangers that clear-cutting, pollution, and industrialization pose against our earth’s natural beauty. He explains everything in a whimsical style that gets the message across children without being scary.

What’s It Like Living Green?: Kids Teaching Kids, by the Way They LiveWritten by Jill Ammon Vanderwood, this book tells kids how other kids live green and how they can go green by taking simple steps. It includes lessons taught by other kids who are actually on ways to go green. Read about a teenage girl who learned to drive with a car fueled by used cooking grease or the 7-year-old boy who raised funds to build his first well to provide clean water for a whole village.

Earth Day Birthday – Earth Day is an environmental holiday that is worth to celebrate every day! Here is a sing-along, read-along book that honors the animals, the environment, and a universal holiday all in one fresh approach. While tuning up with “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” this book appreciates twelve endearing North American species like eagle, grizzlies, panthers, salmon, fawns, owls…. in their natural habitats. It further includes suggestions for Earth Day activities.

Fancy Nancy: Every Day Is Earth Day – In this book Eco-minded book, Jane O’connor teaches kids a few simple tips to go green in true Fancy Nancy style.  Being green is so important to Nancy that she wants her family to take care of the Earth’s morning, noon, and night. If you kids love reading Fancy Nancy, gift this book to them, and they will come along with the message that how fabulous it is to go green.

Books that Grown-up People can Read on Earth Day are:

Grown-up ones need to curl up with some informative and motivational literary works of true environmentalist and should act and react accordingly on this Earth Day.

Silent Spring – This book of Rachel Carson launched the American environmental movement at its very first publication in 1962. Drawing on a scientific angle, she was able to showcase the dangers of careless pesticide use for human and ecological health of the Earth. This book is centered at the effects of insecticides and pesticides on songbird populations throughout the United States, whose declining numbers yielded the silence which the book title is based on.

Desert Solitaire – From the author of the radically environmental book The Monkey Wrench Gang, this pick describes a deep and personal view of nature in its purest form through the eyes of a Utah park ranger. Through his honest solidarity and comments on the exploitation of the natural surroundings, Edward Abbey asks “if any of our incalculable natural treasures can be saved before the bulldozers strike again.”

Clean Energy Nation: Freeing America from the Tyranny of Fossil Fuels - Dangerous CO2 emission, massive oil spill and dwindling fossil fuels are driving a long overdue reassessment of our nation’s energy policies. U.S. Congressman Jerry McNerney, a renewable energy engineer and the first representative with expertise in energy independence, leads the way to change. In this book, he and journalist Martin Cheek make an impassioned argument for drastically reducing dependency on fossil fuels and developing sustainable, readily available energy sources solar, wind, bio-fuel, geothermal, and hydrogen-based power.

Plastic Ocean: How a Sea Captain’s Chance Discovery Launched a Determined Quest to Save the Oceans – A prominent seafaring environmentalist and researcher, Charles Moore, shares his shocking discovery of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in the Pacific Ocean, and inspires a fundamental rethinking of the Plastic Age and a growing global health crisis. This is a book that everyone should read.

Readers can grab all the above mentioned books from our Online Bookstore and may also share and comment to us their own referral for the Books-to-read on Earth Day.

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