Crazy Readers and Their Bizarre Bookmarks

Author: Sherry Helms

Last day on Printsasia Facebook wall, we asked our readers what’s the most bizarre item they’ve ever used as a bookmark. And, the answers we received brought us a face splitting grin, though took us by surprise. Now, with an intent to share our joy with you, we’ve made a list of those bizarre items (as bookmarks) along with our personal comments in bracket (just for fun), for a quick glance. This list includes things that are more weird than we had anticipated, further cleaving our belief that booklovers are a little bit crazy. Here goes the list:

Needle (how??)

Grocery receipts and a scrunchie (on separate occasions though…)

Cigarette paper! (Spoiling the book smell)

Feather (a nice pick)

Dry leaf (a correct substitute)

A hair clip (harmful for pages)

Piece of flower (lovely marking)

A comb with hair (eww!!)

Kremil S tablet (

Condom wrapper (????…)

A toothpick (unused is ok but…)

Charger cable (real bizarre)

A french fry (please, have mercy on books)

Payslip (please read without stress)

A lesser book (two books at one time, good one)

Unused pantyliner (no comments…)

Compact mirror (Please, concentrate on reading)

Safety pin (too small to be a bookmark)

10 pound note (can be used to buy a bookmark)

Emery boards (good one)

A package of bobbi pins (Why, this?)

A CD case! (too hard for books)

Wrapped slice of gum (Better chew it)

A cucumber slice (Oh!, please)

A coffee stirrer (Good while reading with coffee)

Reese’s cardboard (——-)

A squashed bug! (perhaps the craziest one)

Now, we welcome you all to add more stuff by posting your comments below.

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