Should Books be made into Movies or not?

Books are much more than a bundle of printed pages. People get attached, over protective for their favorite copy of a book. But not many people like when they see their favorite book or a novel is being turned into a movie. Though everybody will agree that there have been some great movies based on books but typically, general readers have been aggrieved because according to them the movies are just not like the books.But that’s true to some extent as well because movies are not 100 percent faithful to the books. Let’s see how:

1.The movie cannot do justice to the spirit & tone of the original.

2.A movie does not have a soul, coherence and an aesthetic integrity of its own like a book.

3.Movies give one interpretation of the books and for people who have already read the book may not agree with the interpretation of the film.

4.A book allows the reader to imagine and create a world of their own rather than fixed images of the movies.

5.Movies do not have the scope to be able to show everything that a book does. In just three hours movie one cannot include everything that is in a book.

6.A classic complaint is that the director/producer deletes the material that a reader finds important and adds new materials that are not created by the writer.

7.People do not like books solely because of the plot. A work is judged and liked on the basis of writer’s writing style and technique.

After reading all this we may conclude that, yes books can’t be replaced by movies. But what about movies like GODFATHER which is considered much better than the book by majority of people. Apart from than that it is very important to understand that Books & Movies are two separate artistic entities in their own right. So, they both should not be compared. We should free ourselves from our own formed images and remember when watching an adaptation we are being invited into somebody else’s interpretation of the book.

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