Books on Healthy Lifestyle: Letting You Live a Quality Life

Author: Sherry Helms

Practicing a healthy lifestyle not only can improve your overall well-being but also change your attitude towards life, making you to expect quality in every walk of life. There is available a number of tips and guidelines on what to do to make your life healthier and full of energy. And, books by health specialist can come out to be the most effective resources for the same. Filled with useful ideas and instructions from health experts, books can be the best fitness guru who will be available 24×7 hours with you, to instruct you, to guide you.

Enlisted below some selected titles on healthy lifestyle that will let you to live a quality life:

Healthy for Life – In this book Dr. Ray D. Strand offers guidelines that help us in developing a healthy lifestyle that have a side effect of permanent fat loss. A real eye opener on insulin resistance and why diets don’t work. With a Phase I & Phase II meal plan including low-glycemic foods, Dr. Stand has included a dedicated page of Healthy for Life resource. This useful guide is filled with so many helpful ideas on the little things one can change in his/her eating habit and how can we choose the nutritional stuff that is healthy for life.

Wellness: Guidelines for a Healthy Lifestyle –  This very book on healthy lifestyle is geared toward courses that emphasize the dimensions of wellness including the impact of psychological, emotional, and physical health, as well as environmental influences that affect our behavior. Providing unparalleled coverage of the mind-body connection, and the relationship between fitness and wellness, the authors shed light on the importance of taking personal responsibility for one’s health.

Bragg Healthy Lifestyle: Vital Living to 120! – Learn the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle that can keep you ageless. Authors, Patricia Bragg and Paul C. Bragg has elicited for you a proven system of body purification, toxicless diet and healthy habits that will help cleanse your body of toxins to strengthen nerves, increase energy, enhance mental clarity and promote longevity. This book inspires quality health and youthfulness that will let you to keep up with a healthy lifestyle.

The Feel Good Factory on Healthy Living – This book help readers in making small but important improvements that will bring about real and positive changes in their health and mental outlook. Packed with health-boosting advice and tips, all of which are practical and easy-to-action, this book includes motivational quotes like, “Self-care is about eating nourishing foods, taking care of your spiritual and emotional well-being, spending quality time with friends and family, or taking yourself away on retreat”.

Chicken Soup to Inspire the Body & Soul: Motivation and Inspiration for Living and Loving a Healthy Lifestyle – Need a physical and spiritual boost to kick the year off right? Need some extra power to reach goals and commitments? With hundreds of exercise plans, diet gurus, and spiritual advisors out there clamoring for airwaves, there’s a noticeable void of inspiring stories in this book to give you that extra push for getting started and keep going. This book is not a replacement for yoga, but is a companion — a reminder that hard work and determination really do pay off, and that our bodies are gifts to be cared for and treasured through exercise and healthy living.

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