A BOOK OR an E-BOOK? It is difficult to say which one is better as both come with their own list of advantages and disadvantages . While people may totally agree that today e Books are the strong contenders for the traditional books as they are portable, can store up to 350 books, offer big technical advances and they are those feather weight libraries that people can carry with them to their vacations.

But nevertheless there are many who are still adamant on their belief that traditional books have no comparison. Many renowned authors and booksellers believe that books lose their charm when they are turned into e-books. The feel that a hardcover book has and the reading experience itself get diminished.

Though there are many promoters and publishers of traditional books that think that eBooks are in danger of replacing paper books. But it is not likely that eBooks will ever be able to completely and totally replace print books, nor should they. Regardless of future developments in e-reading technology, the book market will have plenty of room for paper books for quite some time.

E Books may have become the latest trend but still it has not been widely accepted yet. Nobody can deny the fact that traditional books are more personal, interactive and you can even become attached to a copy of your favorite novel. Besides that one cannot share an e book with his friends the way a traditional book can be shared. So, you see there is lot more to a traditional book than an e book.

An e book has a long way to go to win the competition but right now traditional books score for being more robust, available in greater variety, cheaper and there is no such paper book that begins with the warning of low battery.

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