How Do Books Become Bestsellers? – Top Ten Bestsellers of 2011

Author: Sherry Helms

The year 2011 is about to end and everyone is busy discussing the top bestsellers of the year. But do we know what is the yardstick to mark a book as a bestseller and moreover the best among the bestsellers? Bestsellers are not always considered to be some best reads among the readers and booklovers. But still they retain their position in the popular bestsellers lists over a long time. So what trick goes beyond making a book bestseller? It comes definitely from effective advertising, promotion and publicity through proper advertising, choosing proper marketing medium and strategy, defining the actual target audience and also Internet marketing through some biggest search engines.

The fame and name of authors and their promotional campaigns and their connection to readers help a lot to upgrade their books in the ongoing bestsellers lists. The publication time also plays an important role in getting popularity of some books as on certain times certain books connect with readers more effectively. So definitely a good combination of talent, luck and timing is essential to help books become bestsellers. Books from first time authors can also become the best among the bestsellers regarding their discussed issues and how far they connect to the real lives of their target audience.

Readers require knowing that none of the bestsellers are preplanned to become so; ultimately the number of buyers and the enormity of reach (the sales figures) of the books make them bestsellers. But creating a bestseller should never become an author’s goal; an author should always aim to produce something classic, something of high quality and taste. Then either it may make to the bestsellers list or not, it still wins the race of success.

There have been more than hundreds of bestsellers in the year 2011 as it was a very good year in the quality of books and their reach to readers all across the world. We have selected ten topmost bestsellers among the whole lot of them.

1. Heaven is for Real- Todd Burpo: Jesus came along with the little Colton to visit our world as soon as he entered heaven in the time of his consciousness. The year started with refueling our faith in God and his wisdom and it was an auspicious start to the New Year.

2. The Help- Kathryn Stockett: It is perhaps the best book of the year and the most recommended one. What do you think? It is a book for all generations who really need to learn that doing discrimination by skin color is the most inhuman thing to commit in one’s life. The book about the truths of life.

3.Room- Emma Donoghue: The entire world designed into one single room by five year old Jack and his mother. It is the most wonderful story of the beautiful mother- son relationship and how love and faith overcome all horrible circumstances around us.

4. A Dance with Dragons- George R.R.Martin: Readers had their best dance ever with this Dance as this fantastic production by George R.R.Martin keeps your toes beating on.  The fast- paced action of the book did not let stop its readers for a moment to put it down and take a long breathe. An epic already born in 2011, to be remembered for many years to come.

5. A Stolen Life- Jaycee Dugard: An exploration of the horrific past, the journey of courage and triumph leading to a true feel- good story- this is all about A Stolen Life. Readers cried with the pain, shed tears of joy at the happy ending rendering a sense of hope and faith in our destiny- tried lives.

6.Killing Lincoln- Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard: History of America has gone through hundreds of twists and turns so far but something most shocking happened when President Lincoln was killed in the Ford’s Theatre that changed the fate of America and Americans forever. The shocking history has been revisited in the most accurate way in this book that engages readers between the lines.

7. Steve Jobs- Walter Isaacson: As the end of the year was drawing near another book broke all the records so far and it was the latest biography of Late Steve Jobs. A life full of incidents, perfections and inspirations leading to a world of brilliance.

8.In heritance- Christopher Paolini: There are very rare books published which are remembered as one of the best in the whole decade and Inheritance is something that matches this category. The greatest end ever to an amazing series.

9.11/22/63- Stephen King: Readers always wait for some more and more and more from their favorite author Stephen King. And Stephen King never let them go with empty hands. Another blast from Stephen King that will stop you speechless this time for sure.

10.A Discovery of Witches- Deborah E. Harkness: The year can’t get over without this one listed among the toppers of the bestsellers. The romance of the year is what we call it.

Wait for 2012 and some more bestsellers that are waiting to hit your shelves very soon. Have fun with best readings.

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