Book Review:On the yeti’s trail By Shoba Naidu

Shoba Naidu is a graduate in Bachelor’s degree in Education and has done her post graduation in Communication and Journalism. Although having worked as a journalist with several newspapers and magazines, she finds writing fiction much more interesting than stating facts. Her first children’s book, On the Yeti’s Trail is a dramatic tale of a Yeti hunt by Indian School Children. This book will inspire children to develop a curiosity about physical phenomenon and a never saying die attitude.

On the Yeti’s Trail‘ is a tale about a young Kashmiri boy Mushtaq who has visited his home in the remote Himalayan ranges during his school vacation. During his break, he stumbles upon a ‘Yeti’ or otherwise known as ‘Abominable Snowman’. Mushtaq along with his friends sets out on a daring adventure to search for the proof of the existence of this creature.”

Although the plot of the story is simple enough but Naidu makes it a point to include subtle messages and various informative pieces throughout the story related to the environment, relationships and science. Naidu wants to instill the habit of reading among children & wants them to be creative and imaginative.

Let’s hope that in this age of cartoon network and play stations children return to the basics of entertainment which is reading. So, we look forward to some more great work by Naidu and other talented authors like her.

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