Biographies of Top 10 Most Influential Political Leaders of All Time

Author: Sherry Helms

Becoming a political leader means to serve a nation by means of a government and the practice of an ideology. A Government can be of any type such as imperialism, monarchies, dictatorships, and democracies that may follow ideologies like communism, fascism, and capitalism.

Throughout history many political leaders come into existence with their form of government and ideology to rule their respective nation. Some of them are globally acclaimed for their highly influential governance and practices. They not only brought political & military achievements as well as economic & social reforms to their own nation but also influenced the people and government of other countries. Their achievements and approaches are still have worth today and that everyone should learn about.

In this blog-post, we have brought forth a list of the well-received biographies of the top 10 names out of those highly consequential political leaders of all time. Our editorial team executed a rigorous online research to extract 10 most influential political leaders from the immeasurable stretch of world political history, and then to pick the most appropriate as well as highly read  Biographies of the same. Here’s the list:

His Excellency: George Washington – In this landmark biography of the America’s first president, George Washington, the founding father of USA, Joseph J. Ellis brings the exacting scholarship, shrewd analysis, and lyric prose that made him one of the premier historians of the Revolutionary era. The author assesses President Washington as a military and political leader and a man whose “statue-like solidity” concealed volcanic energies and emotions.

Caesar: Life of a Colossus – This is a well-compiled biography of Julius Caesar, world’s one of the greatest political leaders. In the introduction of this book, author Adrian Goldsworthy writes, “in his fifty-six years, Caesar was at times many things, including a fugitive, prisoner, rising politician, army leader, legal advocate, rebel, dictator . . . as well as husband, father, lover and adulterer”. He examines in this biography all these roles of Caesar while placing his subject firmly within the context of Roman society in the first century B.C.

Mao: The Unknown Story – Based on a decade of research, this is the most authoritative biography of the great Chinese leader, Mao Tse-tung written by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday. The authors come up with this book after having interviews with many of Mao’s close circle in China who have never talked before — and with virtually everyone outside China who had significant dealings with him. It is full of startling revelations, exploding the myth of the Long March, and showing a completely unknown Mao.

Lenin: A Biography -  One of the most prominent figure in the World’s and the Russia’s political history, Vladimir Lenin is well-known for his rightist approach. His politics continue to reverberate around the world even after the end of the USSR. His name elicits revulsion and reverence, yet Lenin the man remains largely a mystery. This biography by Robert Service shows us Lenin as we have never seen him, in his full complexity as revolutionary, political leader, thinker, and private person.

Adolf Hitler: The Definitive Biography – A must-read book for anyone are truly interested to learn about Adolph Hitler or the war in Europe. Though there exists a number of biographies of Hitler, none of those offers such comprehensive information as author John Toland delivers in this book. This is a most informative and exhaustively researched manuscript that does help us to understand Adolph Hitler and his approaches.

A. Lincoln: A Biography – In this magnificent biography of Abram Lincoln, a highly admired political leader, Ronald C. White, Jr., offers a fresh and compelling definition of Lincoln as a man of integrity whose moral compass holds the key to understanding his life. Through meticulous research of the newly completed Lincoln Legal Papers, as well as of recently discovered letters and photographs, White provides a portrait of Lincoln’s personal, political, and moral evolution.

Gandhi’s Passion: The Life and Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi – More than half a century after his death, Mahatma Gandhi continues to inspire millions throughout the world. Inspired by recent events in India, Stanley Wolpert offers this subtle and profound biography of India’s “Great Soul.” Wolpert compellingly chronicles the life of Mahatma Gandhi from his early days as a child of privilege to his humble rise to power and his assassination at the hands of a man of his own faith.

FDRJean Edward Smith, one of today’s premier biographers, has written a modern and comprehensive book on the epic life of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, successfully led the United States of America through two of its worst crises; the Great Depression and WW2. In this unmatched volume, Mr. Smith combines contemporary scholarship and a broad range of primary source material to provide an engrossing story of one of the America’s greatest presidents.

The Real Fidel Castro – Public-speaking during and after the Cold War years has painted starkly contrasting portraits of Cuba’s most influential leader Fidel Castro: an unblemished idealist on the one hand, a ruthless dictator on the other. Written by Leycester Coltman, this insightful book, the most intimate and dispassionate biography of the revolutionary leader to date, shows that neither assessment is true. Read out this book to know about one of the most interesting and controversial personalities of all time.

The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill: Visions of Glory, 1874-1932 – This is a superbly written and well researched account of the first 58 years of the life of Winston Churchill, one of the greatest statesman of the 20th century. In this life of the young lion, William Manchester brings us fresh encounters and anecdotes. Alive with examples of Churchill’s early powers, this biography entertains and instructs, shedding light on the moving life and works of President Churchill.

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