8 Outlandish Yet Stimulating Book Covers

Author: Sherry Helms

Don’t judge a book by its cover,” sometimes a book cover is so attractive that it transforms our mind. You are in a bookstore, browsing leisurely through the shelves, don’t know what to purchase next, and suddenly a book cover catches your attention- it’s a book you’ve never heard of but you decide to give it a try. In this post, we have shortlisted a few books that have pretty amazing covers and at the same time have powerful themes.

So, feast your eyes on these extraordinary yet thought-provoking cover designs: 

Black Code by Ron Deibert

Black Code

This book cover for Ron Deibert’s Black Code glows in the dark. The snazzy cover design was inspired by Lite Brite, which will definitely catch the attention of observant eyes. Published in May, 2013, The Black Code keeps an in-depth look at the growing insecurity of internet users. 

When you read this book late at night in bed, you can’t put it down because it will glow…See how it looks in dark…

black code

The Flame Alphabet by Ben Marcus

The Flame Alphabet

This straightforward cover with perfectly placed type makes you want to gaze at it forever. Designed by Peter Mendelsund, the 3-D quality of The Flame Albhabet’s jacket is just making it a brilliant book cover art. Written by boldly imaginative author-Ben Markus, this rhapsodic apocalyptic novel examines the power of language in a new way.  Laden with metaphor, this dystopian novel is like reading in a dream.

 Smut Stories by Alan Bennett

Smut stories

A beautiful and witty book cover is designed by Henry Sene Yee. Creative use of lifeless things in this book cover might compel you to pick up this book. In this attention-grabbing book, the master storyteller- Alan Bennett explores the tragicomic gap between the people’s real and apparently common lives in two marvelous stories.

 Monstrous Affections by David NickleMonstrous Affections

The creepy and jarring cover of Monstrous Affections may hold your attention at a very first glance. The grotesque  cover was designed  by Erik Mohr. Like its cover, the stories in this book are also scary, drawing you into the cold remnants of Canadian rural town and shows you the blue pulsing intestines of those worlds. The stark cover of book may at first horrify you and then compel you to pick it up off the shelves.

Sweet Bird of Youth  by Tennessee Williams:

Sweet Bird of Youth

John Gall has designed an outlandish book cover that trusts the reader’s intelligence. This engaging, bizarre book discloses the dark side of American dreams of youth. Based on hit Tennessee Williams’ one-act play, The Enemy Time, Sweet Bird of Youth perfectly depicts the social issues like injustice, racial discrimination and the painful outcomes of personal and public corruption.


Hawthorn & Child by Keith Ridgway

Hawthorn & Child

Designed by Tom Darracott, this book cover is simply weird and compelling. This novel or a series of short stories is about two London mid-ranking detectives- Hawthorn and Child and the people they encounter. Originally subtitled as ‘A Set of Misunderstandings’ on its publisher’s website, the novel starts with an unsolvable mystery, when a young man may possibly have been shot by a passing ghost car on a quiet north London street.

Building Stories by Chris Ware

building stories

The most wonderful thing about this book is that it is not a book. In actual, it is a packed box that seems like a board game. However, it does not contain game board but it is an amazing collection of 14 books. The American cartoonist Chris Ware evokes childhood memories of family game night through these painstakingly designed building stories. Importantly, there are no guidelines on how to read them; the parts of it can be read in any order.

 It looks like this when you open the box:



Wonder by R. J. Palacio:


Published in 2013, R. J. Palacio’s Wonder topped the New York Times bestseller list and shortlisted for Kate Greenway Book Award. Without having read a word, you’ll feel like you know the protagonist because of its simple yet effective book cover. Designed by Tad Carpenter, the cover of this book is minimal and completely unique. This amazing book cover does an outstanding job of telling the touching story of a 10-year-old-boy who born with a facial deformity. The book jacket really stands out that perfectly demonstrates the part of his face with an amazing use of text “Wonder” as part of the illustration.

What book have you bought because of its cover?

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