5 Most Popular Categories Suggested By Book Aficionados

Author: Sherry Helms

We have been interacting with Book Aficionados through our Facebook and Twitter page and generally ask for their opinions and likings. With brief interaction that we have in the last one year with our readers, we have come up with the blog post, which offers you a glimpse of of some of the most popular books categories.

Listing here the top 5 categories of books based on popularity:

1.  Books of Famous Authors: This tops the list. Interestingly, we found that most of our Facebook and Twitter connections are interested in reading books written by famous authors. Good for us that we have made a dedicated page on our website from where you can browse through all your favorite authors. This category spans a number of popular authors from classic to modern genre.

2.      Fictions, Romance & Thrillers:  Whilst having interaction with the Facebook and Twitter enthusiasts, we come up with the fact that the young genre of society keeps its eyes open for the books on fictions, romance and thrillers. They can get from us the latest releases of this category which includes books on love story, Ghosts, espionage and fictional characters like Batman, Harry Potter, James Bond, Robinhood, Spiderman, Superman, Tarzan, etc.

3.     Biographies: The next category which our Facebook and Twitter fans are most interested in is Biographies. Our past record of selling a number of the biographies on Steve Jobs demonstrates this fact. At our online store, readers can have the biographies of popular figures from the sub-categories such as actors, authors, historians, scientists, Journalists, Leaders, Literatures, Musicians, Philosophers, etc.

4.      Countries of the World Books: A good number of our fans have shown interest in books written about the political, social, economic and cultural issues of countries.  As we have the option for this category on our website, those who are interested in the same can come to us. Its sub-category comprises countries like America, China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Russia, France, etc.

5.    Books on Animals:  Most surprisingly, books on animals are also in the list of readers’ first choice. Some Facebook and Twitter Buffs have given preference to the books on terms and issues related to zoological creatures like kangaroo, dog, zebra, tiger, lion, amphibians, cycliophora, echinodermata, insects, etc. Our collection of books on animal is unmatched.  You can browse through it for getting more knowledge about your favorite animal.

 Well, this is not the end of story. There’s a lot more for you to browse through. Just go and check out the whole list.

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