5 Popular Books on Sports

It is believed that the best Sports books are outstanding studies in courage, character, competition and the drive to be the best. Here is a list of five most popular books on Sports that have been randomly picked by us. If our readers have a recommendation for this list, we kindly invite them to share that with us.

1.The Boys of Summer by Roger Kahn-1423377702: The best Baseball book ever written gives account of the early 50’s Brooklyn Dodgers. A novelist tale of conflict and change, a tribute, a civic history, a piece of nostalgia and finally a tragedy. The most poignant section of the book is where Kahn finally etches portraits of the heroes of his youth. The book must be savored slowly, allowing its resonance to work its magic.

2. Sea biscuit by Laura Hillenbrand-0007167040: This book is especially recommended to racing fans with a thirst for history. The triumph of sea biscuit is ultimately the story of what any person may accomplish when their talents are recognized, supported and expanded. Hillenbrand tells a irresistible story of a hay burner who came to dominate the depression era sports pages, taking a colorful crew of humans along for the ride.

3.Winning Ugly-Mental Warfare in Tennis By Brad Gilbert, Steve Jamison-067188400X: This book will teach you how to succeed at tennis or any other competitive activity. It’s an easy t read book where the reader gets a feel for Gilbert’s analytical approach to playing tennis and can use it as an example for his own game.  It’s a motivational and fun to read.

4.Swimming to Antarctica- Tales of a Long Distance Summer by Lynne Cox-1439566305: Lynne Cox tells of her love of the long-distance swim in her inspiring book of memoirs. At age 15, she broke the men’s and women’s records for swimming across the English Channel. She swam the Cook Strait between the main islands of New Zealand and the Magellan Strait. Pushing herself to the extreme, she was the first person to swim across the Bering Strait in near freezing water, and then took a mile swim in 32-degree water in Antarctica without a wet suit, braving injury, hypothermia, and death.

5.The Warrior within- The Philosophies of Bruce Lee by John Little-0809231948: The book basically describes concepts of how Bruce Lee lived his life and the author shows how a person can apply them to their own lives. It’s an excellent book that captures the essence and philosophical thoughts of Bruce Lee. He explains the way Lee thought and lived through his own personal study of Chinese and western philosophy.

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