5 Most Popular books of 2010

Here comes the list of 5 such books that were in demand and caught people’s attention either because of the author’s writing style or because of the plot in 2010. These books have been randomly picked and we invite all our readers to share and comment the name of any other book that they think will fit in this category.

1.The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ by Philip Pullman: A controversial book that retells the myths. Philip has presented the accounts of Jesus’ life with a radical innovation. His book portrays Jesus Christ as two twin brothers Jesus and Christ who are exactly opposite of each other.

2.Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert: A second memoir of Gilbert which begins where Eat, Pray and Love ended. In ‘Committed’ Elizabeth takes a closer look at the institution of marriage and explores the questions related to it. The book is known for the amazing writing style and for the story based on the real life of Gilbert told with wit, compassion and intelligence.

3.Trespass by Rose: A thrilling and a dark novel written by the bestselling author of The Road Home. Set among the hills of the dark and beautiful Cevennes Mountains in the southern France, it’s a novel that portrays human nature in all its ugliness and inadequacy.

4.Point Omega by Don De Lillo: A brief, intimidating and a hard hitting novel that talks about a secret war advisor and a young filmmaker. The title of this book has been drawn from the philosophy of a French Jesuit priest who used this term to describe the utmost level of consciousness that is exempted from the limits of time and space.

5.Star Island by Carl Hiaasen:A funny novel written by an Old Testament moralist disguised as a comedian satirizes the extremes of the celebrity culture. The novel is the worth the time of reader who is looking for quality entertainment.

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