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I Will Love Once Again

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Guest Author: Krishna Verma

….You went far away from me,

I am still searching you in agony.

Running here and there in pain,

I promise ‘I will fall in love once again’.


When it comes to falling in the purest feelings of one’s life one can only think about simple four-letter word called LOVE. Not everyone who gets into this feeling is assured of achieving it, some have to lose in between ending their tenure leaving them crushed and haunted by the past memories. But there arises a situation where one feels aloof and alienated, where everything seems to be against and odd, where one feels depleted and destroyed. Some chose to move on and never fall in love again and some chose to end everything and rip apart but there is always a better and best option to try and find Love once again. With the same thought in mind the Protagonist in the novel pursue his journey. For those who believe that Love can’t happen again, here’s the book to pounce upon. I have described through personal experiences in my debut novel “I Will Love Once Again” by Srishti Publishers. The book revolves around the confusion that prevails when someone loses something special in life.

The recession period might have hit people with pink slips or delay in joining but protagonist had different reasons to hate the same phase where he faced two major bruises of loss in business and losing his love. The most beautiful chapter of his life got closed with a never ending conclusion. After losing everything follows the joining call from an MNC when he decides to search and fall in love once again. The new place results in finding friends with different stories where he tries to relate his story with everyone and the incidents he encountered with his lost love in each passing moment. The search to fall in love once again begins with him trying to find her lost girl in every new girl he seeks for. An exquisite beauty slowly and steadily moves into his life. There begins the emotional battle between the present and the beautiful past.

The content of the book is simple, honest and crispy that yoiwillloveonceagain4u can’t resist  reading till you are over with it and one can relate with incidents in one’s life. The right balance has been shown between emotions and humor. The witty characters that are playing major role will keep tickling your funny bones and you may end up asking for more. The best part according to the critics have been the emotional conflict shown between the past and present, where I have maintained fine balance between the two stories that move together simultaneously.

As an interest in studying human relationship, I encountered many cases where young girls and boys were facing the torrid time in getting out of their pasts and feeling negated after losing their love. So the idea came to build something of which people can learn and guide themselves. ‘I will love once again’ will take you through every emotion which one faces. The conversation with GOD in one of the incidents in novel will definitely attract you as one may find many similarities with the questions answered by lord. The book leaves you with message ‘There are certain things in life that are planned, destined and decided. No matter how hard you try to achieve them you end up in achieving something better and best for you’

About Author:

Krishna Verma is a Software Engineer who works with a prominent Telecom company in India. He was born and brought up in India. Apart from reading and writing, the author loves to analyse human behavior and relationships. He has deep interest in acting, dancing, and sketching and loves to play guitar. Acting as his passion, he has worked in short films, commercial and print ad. Currently working with production house, he is engaged as Assistant Director for upcoming Bollywood movie. Please visit Krishna’s website to know more about him

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