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Malcolm Gladwell- A Complete Life- Changer: Books Review

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Author: Sherry Helms

What interests you the most? An interesting story? A good collection of interesting research? Or a series of books where the story and research work overlaps with each other? If the third one is your choice, then you would love Malcolm Gladwell for sure.

Expect the unexpected from him. Social psychology may grab your attention in a more leading-edge manner with Mr. Gladwell. Malcolm Gladwell is the Canadian bestselling author. Sociology, psychology and social psychology are his functional genres. Unexpected results have emerged from his unconventional research work on these fields.

All his four books, The Tipping Point, Blink, Outliers and What the Dog Saw have been New York Times Bestsellers. Mr. Gladwell is appraised for his compelling writing and clarity of expression in the simplest manner. He has also got critical acclaims for his controversial conclusions and validity of his methods.

Epidemic gets a new definition amidst the readers’ forum through Gladwell’s The Tipping Point first book . Ideas, messages, products and behaviors spread through ‘word of mouth’ like viruses of infectious diseases. These are called social epidemics, aiming at major social revolutions. And the moment the outbreak occurs, it reaches the mass at majority or The Tipping Point. This book has the potential to become a powerful social doctrine in the future years with its “tipping point” theory.

Change the way you are thinking. Thinking in the same way may not be possible any more after reading Blink, his second book. It is all about the power of ‘blink’, the first two seconds of decisive looking.  Feel the magic of your intuition, the adaptive unconscious that knows in an instant everything. Filter your thinking variables and focus on ‘thin slices’ of behavior. Gladwell also makes you aware of the evils of ‘blink’, the failures of the process of rapid cognition.

How do you define successful people? Have ever this question occurred to your mind? Gladwell’s Outliers: The story of Success is present here with answers to your questions. His answer is that we pay too much attention to what successful people are like; and less attention to where they are from.

It is their family, culture, circumstances they lived in and experiences they have gone through that shaped their success stories. There cannot be any simpler secret to the path of success. Few instances of some special successful billionaires and players and musicians, come in the spotlight in Gladwell’s research of finding success in life.

Look at the world through others eyes. Why should you limit your outlook to yourself? Be it human, or be it a dog, everyone has a different view about the world. Experience it with Gladwell’s fourth book What the Dog Saw and Other Adventures. Be a part of a dog’s world and grow a brand new vision of life.

So got the clues how to transform your life completely? Now just watch the world around. You will surely thank Malcolm Gladwell wholeheartedly for gifting you this unexpected new life.

Honesty and Smartness Paying Back: Survey Reports

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Many thanks to all our customers who supported us and shared their recommendations through our “website usability survey”. Your feedback and suggestions will surely help us to improve our services further.

Recently we conducted an online survey asking a few questions to our customers on our website design, payment modes, search engine quality, how we stand in comparison to our competitors, availability of books, etc.

Here are some few important findings.

Quality vs Quantity

We currently have about 2.5 millions of book titles in our database which we have hand-fully picked after carefully understanding the market needs. Though the number of books seems to be lesser but we are quite overwhelmed by the positive response we got from our customers.  90% of the participants in the survey found the availability of books to be in good position. It proves that though we have not a very large volume of books, our 2.5million books make a quality database that is mostly useful for our readers. Quality matters most than quantity. And we have passed this basic ethics of business very honestly. We will try our best to retain the good collection of our books in future and keep increasing the numbers as well.

Do we have right pricing strategy?

This is always our forte and we bank on this. We know in this cut throat competition, a slight mistake in pricing strategy can be an Achilles’ heel.  Optimal utilization of resources and working on very thin profit margin have paid off. Our customers are getting benefit of our competitive pricing strategy.

We are thrilled that 93% of the surveyors  have endorsed our competitive pricing strategy. We assure you of the best pricing in the future as well.

Another biggest satisfaction lies in the fact that 82% our customers found our site to be better than other book selling sites. We are very pleased to  know that 78% of our customers found our site design  simple, satisfying and wonderful. We promise to maintain the quality and keep it as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Are We Doing Everything Right?

We wish if the answer could be yes. But at the same time we appreciate some of the remarkable feedback  and suggestions provided by our customers. Based on the inputs from our actual audience, we would soon be coming up with some of the features mentioned below:

•             Tweak our Search engines with the provision of advanced search option.

•             The browsing history  will be put up very soon.

•             PayPal, Google checkout, Amazon payments are going to be introduced as our new payment modes soon.

•             Book classification and Book detail pages will have improved navigational features

•             User dashboard will be revamped along with the introduction of new wish list and other helpful features

•             The review section will soon be integrated

•             Related book suggestion will be improved based on Book title, author and publisher

As an acknowledgment, each and every participant of our survey was rewarded with $5 coupon. Moreover, there will be a lucky draw to select the winning participant, after shortlisting a few great suggestions. The winner will be rewarded with a $50 coupon by the end of this month of August. We hope  to have your constant support and really appreciate and acknowledge your  valuable feedback.

Book Review: The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Author :Sherry Helms

Does history bore you? Do you want history in a different way? Kathryn Stockett may compel you to get engrossed in history through her magical power of storytelling. Don’t miss the astonishment awaiting you. Kathryn offers you a tale of triumph of friendship, loyalty and courage in this black and white world of agony and oppression.

THE HELP is gifted with the power of friendships and agonizing truths of life, viewed through the intertwined lives of three women. Set in the early 60’s, this is a story of the struggles of Afro-American women in the American soil.

Aibileen Clark is an Afro-American maid who is raising her seventeenth white child, after losing her 24 year old son recently. Minny Jackson, the most sarcastic black character in the novel, struggles with her jobs in the white families and financial needs. Skeeter, the white graduate woman and an aspiring writer is in search of her lost maid, Constantine, without getting any help. The novel revolves around these three narrators on the soil of Jackson, Mississippi, where the white and black families are interdependent on each other.

Enthusiasm and hope for a better future drives human towards rebellion. Do you agree? Then you must support Skeeter’s noble endeavors to reveal the miserable situation of the black maids in front of the whole world through her writing skills. Skeeter comes in touch with the black characters and the relation of ‘help’ and intimacy grows among them.

This novel emerges as a personal as well as political account from the perspective of three extraordinary women characters. Their personal revolutions give birth to national movements, changing their own lives and the entire social scenario.

Enjoy the new pattern of historical fiction; full of heart and passion, lots of heartbreaks, undying hopes for a better future and a well-established sense of humor. Humanity in The Help has got a universal and timeless touch through its tone of heartbreaking, pathetic as well as humorous and friendly aspects. Bear a new outlook on history; you will surely agree now that history is not that much tiresome actually. Classical history is reborn.

Friendship Books: Redesigned Acknowledgement Of Friendship

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

Author :Sherry Helms

Friendship Day is a day of celebration of friends. The day is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of August throughout the world to endorse the relation of friendship through exchange of gifts, cards and promises to maintain the relation forever. Here comes a list of top five books which may help to redefine the friendship relations of our readers much more than other gifts and friendship bands can do. Any reader is most welcome to share his/her personal views on the suggested books or if they wish to add some more books in the recommended list.

A Cup of Friendship- 1410434680: What do you think about intercultural friendships set in the soil of war-torn fundamentalist Afghanistan? Sounds interesting? If so explore the diversity of companionships.

Deborah Rodriguez helps you to give a new meaning to the pure relation of friendship that cannot be divided by religion and culture. Women from multifarious facets of life meet in the café of Sunny and fight together triumphantly all the troubles and nuances, they face in the country.

Through the course of the novel, the unlikely friendships change their own lives as well as the social scenario of the entire country. At last, learn the moral, friendship conquers all.

Friendship with God- 0340767839: Can you have ever imagined that the Great God can be our best friend in this monotonous life? To believe and undergo the change, go through an inspirational journey of trust, understanding and friendship with the divine power.

Neale Donald Walsch in the dialogue format shares his personal experience of how a common individual can have total faith upon God and share all his truths and secrets with him. It ensures that God as a friend may also help him and not only judge or punish him.

This book discovers the true essence of the motivational journey of successful friendships. Personally feel the truth.

The Teammates: A Portrait of a Friendship- 140130057X: For how long would you want to have your best friends beside you? For the whole lifetime? Then you have to learn the tricks.

The Teammates guides you to retain loyalty and friendship through long years. In this book there are four old friends who used to be teammates in their younger years in the baseball team for Boston Red Sox. Now while the most magnificent personality among them is dying they all have set for a road trip to visit him which is full of old memories and nostalgia.

At the end of the life friendship emerges as a journey where it is proved that friendship is the best human relation forever. Let nothing ruin this bliss of God.

What Remains: A Memoir of Fate, Friendship, and Love- 1416531262: We all believe friendship and love are eternal, but still life offers surprises that devastate a beautifully organized life.

This is a memoir of friendship and love, finally encountered by the inevitable destiny. This book is recommended mostly for its plot development and narrative style. It leads to the stunning and heartbreaking journey of life. Sometimes you have the friends, sometimes you have not.

Explore the real truths of life, friendship and love. You will surely love it.

Truth & Beauty: A Friendship- 0060572159: Passion and affection in friendship cannot be described in a more mesmerizing manner. This is what Ann Patchet has done in this chronicle of her undying friendship with Lucy Grealy.

Friendship is all about sharing emotions, commitment without any expectation and complaints. It is all about unwavering loyalty towards each other. But what happens when so much love and affection cannot save the other person’s life and one has to live the rest of life all alone in despair and dejection!!

Truth & Beauty- the two best friends in the abstract world, digs into these hardest cruelties of the actual life.

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