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5 Popular Books on Judaism

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Here is a list of five books on Judaism that reflect the Jewish wisdom tradition for people of all faiths and will provide the readers with deep insight into the history and philosophy of this religion. These books have been randomly selected by our editorial team. We invite our readers to share with us any other book based on Judaism which fits in our list.

1.An Introduction to Judaism by Nicholas De Lange-0521735041: De Lange provides the unique concept of Jewish people hood and its survival over the centuries in the face of many challenges. The book opens with an acutely perceptive review of the contemporary situation of Jews throughout the world, followed by a brief but thorough treatment of Jewish history in which the author focuses on past and present threats to Jewish survival.

2.Tree of Souls- the Mythology of Judaism by Howard Schwartz-0195086791: Howard Schwartz is truly one of the great illuminators of the ancient and voluminous body of ancient thought.  This book is the author’s culmination of his lifelong efforts to bring together the sparks and fragments he has been so carefully nurturing into a coherent and far reaching mythology of Judaism.

3.Judaism- A Way of Being by David Hillel Gelernter-0300168152: In this book Gelernter answers four fundamental questions from a strictly Jewish perspective. These four questions are: How do we understand our place in the universe? Is Physical creation all there is? How can we live our lives as human beings? Does life have a greater role beyond mere survival? Searching from various Jewish sources, he answers by means of thematic images. This book is a powerful answer to anyone who has ever wondered how the spiritual life can be sustained in the face of all that conspires to kill it.

4.Judaism and Enlightenment by Adam Sutcliffe-0521820154: This book presents an excellent and stimulating analysis of the Enlightenment and its relationship to Jews and Judaism.  This book represents an important new synthesis, offering novel and insightful readings of both familiar and less known thinkers. This book is an outstanding addition to the literature to which scholars call as Mr. Sutcliffe’s groundbreaking work.

5.The Historical Atlas of Judaism by Josephine Bacon-0785827463: This book places the key events of Jewish history in their social, political and geographical context, form the emergence of Jews in ancient Palestine to the present day. The book also contains maps and charts which show the major events of Jewish history, the movements of Jewish people and their place within the world. Readers will also find color photographs and illustrations of archaeological sites and Jewish artifacts and treasures.

Top Five Books of the Decade.

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Below, is a list of five books that said to have defined the first decade of the millennium. Through these books, we will be able to assess the literature that shaped our reading habits of the past 10 years, produced new genres, created controversy and entertained us. Our editorial team has randomly picked these books and we invite all our readers to share the name of their favorite book of the decade with us.

1.The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen-0312421273: The book has won The National Book Award in 2001. It is a modern portrait of the family in decline. The life story of five main characters and the secondary characters around them allows Jonathan Franzen to present the full impetus and extent of the picture of the west at the end of the 20th century. Mr. Franzen is an astute observer and at its best the writing can be utterly authentic.

2.The kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini-0743545230: This is a bestselling debut novel of an Afghanistani-American novelist, Khaled Hosseini. It’s a tale of betrayal and redemption that rises above time and place. Afghanistan before the Russian invasion is the setting for this timeless story.

3.The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon-9781841154930: Considered to be Michael Chabon’s best work till date, the book has won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction and has been nominated for numerous other literary awards as well. It is a story of two young Jewish cousins whose meeting in 1939 ignites a luminous career in comic books at a time in history when art form exploded in American popular culture.

4.Life of Pi by Yann Martel-0156027321: Nobody knew Martel when his compelling, amusing, eerie fable won the Man Booker Prize. With a hero named after a swimming pool and a tiger named Richard Parker, this is a book like no other. It is a story that seems both too real and surreal at the same time. Yann Martel is a master story teller and he weaves a tale that is entertaining and thought provoking and at the end, he challenges you to believe it all.

5.Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling-1594133557: The final adventure in the most successful series of all times- Harry who is now a teenager helped by his Hogwart’s mates Ron and Hermione, vanquishes the Dark Lord, avenges his dead parents and lives happily ever after.

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