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Popular books on Hinduism

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

We have brought a list of ten all time bestsellers that will give an insight to the beginners and help others in understanding deeply the world’s ancient religion. Our editorial team has randomly chosen these books. we invite our readers to share and comment the name of any other book that can be fit into this category.

1.Hinduism: Beliefs and Practices by Jeaneane Fowler

The book provides clear and concise description of beliefs and practices of Hinduism.  A balanced introduction to a Hindu of today’s world.

2.An Introduction to Hinduism by Gavin D. Flood

A comprehensive study of Hinduism. Readers will find detailed information on different aspects of the religion from Tantras to Vedas. This book will acquaint you with Hinduism that existed in distant past to the modern day Hinduism

3.The Sword and the Flute–Kali & Krsna by David R.Kinsley

A rich yet chaotic history of Hindu goddess worship. Kinsley in his book shows that krsna and kali, two popular deities of Hinduism have much more common than what their contrasting personalities suggest.

4.Dancing with Siva by Satguru Sivaya Subramvniyaswami

A wonderful book that covers everything one can possibly think of. The explanation of history, theology, doctrine, ritual and practice are supplemented by verses of scriptures, illustrations and children’s primer and charts.

5.The Camphor Flame -Popular Hinduism and society in India by C.J. Fuller

A work of subject and caliber that presents Fuller’s balanced review of traditional and contemporary Hindu culture. The book will highly appeal and satisfy to the advanced scholars or students acquainted with the study of Indian culture and society.

6.Hymns of the Drowning-Poems for Vishnu by A.K. Ramanujan, Nammalvar

An amazing selection of philosophic hymns and love poems from the famous Bhakti poet Nammalvar. The translations are clear, concise and very evocative. The best part is that Ramanujan has retained the spirit of the original Tamil in his translations.

7.Encountering the Goddess by Thomas B.Coburn

A fifteen hundred year old and the best known goddess text in modern India that has deeply embedded the ritual of goddess worship. According to C.Mackenzie Brown of Trinity University,”Encountering the Goddess is likely to be the standard scholarly translation for years to come”.

8.Classical Hindu Mythology–Reader in the Sanskrit Puranas by Cornelia Dimmitt

Williams has introduced Hinduism in the style of a patient teacher in his fascinating book. It reads more like a scholarly text book that presents detailed and dense translation of a wealth of ancient Hindu myths.

9.The Blackwell Companion to Hinduism by Gavin Flood

This book reflects the trend away from essentialist understandings of Hindu religion towards tradition and regional specific studies. According to the Journal of Contemporary Religion,” This is a most welcome, timely, and authoritative assessment of the entire field of study, a most commendable response to an enormous challenge.”

10.Songs of the saints of India by Mark Juergensmeyer

The book is a compilation of the poems and life stories of the six well known poets of North India during the Bhakti and Sant movements. The book is written in a scholarly style and the translation keeps up the charm and spirit of the original text.

Popular books on Buddhism

Friday, March 4th, 2011

These books will inspire you, teach you and will make you understand how to deal with different aspects of life and its situations. Here, is the list of all time favorite books on Buddhism that focuses on the practical aspects of philosophy.These books have been randomly picked by our editorial team and if there is any other book that you feel will fit into this category, we would like you to share that with us.

1.Buddhism –Plain and simple by Steve Hagen

One of the great Buddhist Bestseller that puts the essence of Zen Buddhism in simple words. This book is highly recommended to all those who are trying to grasp the core concepts of the Buddha’s teachings.

2.The Illustrated Encyclopedia of  Buddhist Wisdom by Gill Farrer Halls

The book presents an excellent introduction to both Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism. It is one of the beautifully illustrated books that is easy to read and understand and emphasizes on the philosophy of Buddhist practices.

3.Awakening the Buddha within by Lama Surya Das

A refreshing, spiritually uplifting and an inspirational book written by Lama Surya Das. He simplifies the ancient teachings of Buddhist traditions and wisdom and delivers them to the western world.

4.Buddhism for Mothers – A Calm Approach to Caring for Yourself and Your Children by Sarah Napthali

The author shares her personal experiences and advices other women how they can cope with the stress and challenges of motherhood by following simple Buddhist philosophies and techniques. The piece of advice that she gives is wise yet realistic and explores different ways to maximize the joy of parenting and minimize the stress and anger comes along with it.

5.The three Pillars of Zen-Teaching, Practice and Enlightenment by Philip Kapleau Roshi

It’s a classic that every person should read during his/her lifetime and get inspired with the Buddhist Zen philosophy. The book is a collection of texts which describe Zen Buddhism as encountered by Philip Kapleau in the 1950’s in Japan.

6.The Tibetan Book of  Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche

The book is a spiritual classic and an International bestseller. It offers an inspiring presentation on the different practices and teachings of Tibetan Buddhism and explores its messages of impermanence, trials and rewards of spiritual path, Karma and rebirth, meditation and how to care and show love to the dying. According to New York Times Book Reviews,” Sogyal Rinpoche…has delivered the Tibetan equivalent of ‘The Divine Comedy.’ One could imagine that this is what Dante might have written had he been a Buddhist meta physician rather than a Christian poet.”

7.Buddhism without Beliefs by Stephen Batchelor

In this book the author takes us back into the time when Buddhism was not a religion, a culture and not even a system of meditation.  It’s a book for all those who are interested in knowing the core ideas of Buddhism totally free of supernatural or mystical elements.

8.The Art of Happiness by Dalai Lama, Howard C.Cutler

This book is meant for all those who have embarked on a spiritual journey in search of a true meaning of life or simply looking for words of wisdom in our increasingly complicated and materialistic age. The book stresses the importance of human warmth and compassion as integral components of attaining happiness through increased intimacy and deeper connections with others.

9.The Long Road Turns to Joy-Guide to Walking Meditation by Thich Nhat Hnah

The book encourages readers to walk with their attention to the present and stop struggling with the issues of the past or of the future. It introduces breathing and mind calming techniques for all those who wish to explore walking meditation more deeply.

10.Taking the leap-Freeing ourselves from old habits and fears by Pema Chodron

According to LA Yoga,”Taking the Leap seems to speak directly to the angst we are currently facing and she is spot on with her teachings. Chodron is effective not because she coddles the reader, but because we get the sense that she understands exactly what this pain feels like.”

Anybody can practice her suggestions anytime without any meditation training. Her book offers valuable tools for change in uncertain times.

List of 7 most Inspirational Books of All times

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Below is the list of 7 most powerful and enthralling books that must be read at least once by everyone during his/her course of life. These books offer readers with a fresh perspective towards life, other people and relationships.These 7 books have been randomly selected by our team. Though we also agree that not all books will work for everyone but at least one of them will strike a chord with each and everyone.

All our readers are invited to share and comment if there is any other book that they believe can fit into this category.

1.Pema Chodron’s –The Places That Scare You

Everyone has to go through the difficult phases of life but when you have read this book you know how to get through these challenging times without losing hope and strength. Pema in her simply written and easy to follow book uses mindfulness, slogans, aspirations and more to show that we can make it through when the times are tough.

2.Chris Prentiss’s-Zen and Art of Happiness

If you take this book seriously and apply what it teaches, you will discover a new meaning of life. It strips away the nonsense and absurdity that we have to go through in our daily lives struggles and shows the path to eternal, real happiness.

3.Paulo Coelho’s-The Alchemist

A novel that will make you believe in your dreams and will inspire you to follow them till they turn into a reality. The Alchemist skillfully combines words of wisdom, philosophy and simplicity of meaning and language which makes it readable and a bestseller.

4.Robin Sharma’s- The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

A story of a successful lawyer who has all the luxuries, world pleasure and success. He suffers from a severe heart attack at a point in his life and from there on he wakes up to different realities of life. The book provides an approach to living a simple life with greater balance, courage and abundance of joy.

5.Esther and Jerry Hicks’s-Ask and it is given

This book established itself as a bestseller only few weeks after its publications. This incredible book will teach you how our relationships, health issues, finances, career concerns and everything else is influenced by universal laws and govern our time space reality.

6.Viktor E. Frankl’s-Man’s Search for Meaning

Viktor’s story of his struggle for survival in Nazi concentration camps will inspire readers to search for the greater meanings and purpose of their lives. He gives an account of the lives of prisoners in the camps and how they died not when their body gave away but when their mind did.

7.Napoleon Hill’s-Think and Grow Rich

Thousands of people give credit to this book for their financial growth and stability. The book focuses on the value of positive thinking, persistence and definite goals to create financial freedom. It provides you with never failing principles and timeless advice on how to create and maintain financial security.

10 Best Selling Children’s Books

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Below is the list of ten books that became a huge hit among kids and people after getting released. They were bought and read in a huge number and many of them have been even adapted into movies. From the characters to the stories, the excellent work of the authors led to the immense popularity of these books. Though there are endless books that can fit into this category but our editorial team has tried to limit it to just ten by randomly picking them. We also invite our readers to add comment or suggest any other title which they think will fit into this list.

1.The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seus

Published in 1957, this book has become America’s best known and bestselling children’s books of all times.  The story of the book is amusing and entertaining with the simple and often single vowel vocabulary. In short an apt book for the beginners.

2. The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum

One of the favorite classic that can be enjoyed by people of all age groups. Children especially of 8 to 10 who can read this book on their own will enjoy the excitement and magical places that the characters of the book encounter.

3.The  Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Written in 1911 but still remains to be a kid’s favorite because of its gripping story, colorful characters and positive message.

4.The Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’ Dell

This gritty, true story is based on the life of a young American Indian girl who was left behind by her people. The book is about how she survives alone for 18 long years and her struggle to cope up with loneliness.

5.Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

The book focuses on how the central character Brian in Paulsen’s Hatchet learns to adapt to his environment so that he can survive. It is an adventure story that will surely fascinate young children.

6.The Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling

The series of this intriguing tales by Rowling will captivate the minds of readers from the very beginning itself. Her beautiful and imaginative descriptions of the events and fantasy world where she place her characters transport the readers into a magical realm.

7.The Giver by Lois Lowry

A book that will really make you think and where after each chapter you would like to ponder upon what happened in the story. The Giver is a fantasy/ science fiction novel that centers on a 12 year old child who must choose between the world he has always known filled with sameness or the one filled with emotions and struggles.

8.A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

A well loved classic book is one of the great works of literature for kids. It’s an exciting story with messages of individuality, friendship and courage that have inspired generations of readers.

9.The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot

Based on the diaries of a young teenage girl who has just found out that she is the princess of a small country. It’s an extremely exciting book and all those who pick this book once will not be able to put it down before finishing it.

10. Matilda by Roald Dahl

Aimed at less than 10 year old kids, Matilda is a book that contains various elements of traditional fairy tales-a wicked step aunt, a true friend with a pure heart and more than a little magic.

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